Student Training

Skill Studio : Skill Studio is an interactive student centric learning platform to create awareness w.r.t 'Smart Skills'. We believe that these 'Smart Skills' will brace the students with the desired skill component (along with technical skills) to perform well in Campus Placement selection tools. Additionally, they will also facilitate a candidate to acclimatize with organizational culture and walk confidently along professional and personal paths. Sessions cover a wide range of topics like Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, Effective Communication, Quantitative & Verbal Aptitude, Resume Building, Emotional Intelligence, Industry Readiness, Corporate Social Responsibility etc. Sessions are scheduled every Wednesday @ 5:30 pm. an initiative to make students experience the diversity of skills imperative for positive contribution and growth. Learning is encouraged though participative techniques using simulations, work sheets, role plays and team activities.

Placement Symposium : This is an event for final year UG and PG students, where exhaustive concept and practice GDPI (Group Discussion and Personal Interview) sessions are organized for the participants, with a comprehensive performance feedback, enabling them to bridge the gap between actual and expected levels. This year it was scheduled from August 03- August 07, 2015. Each of these days, students of a different branch were trained on employability related challenges. Day long concept sessions were held in the C-Hall; there were five sessions in all spanned across one and a half hours each:-"Marketing Yourself", "How to excel in Group Discussions", "How to excel in Interviews", "How to brace up for Aptitude Tests" and "Preparing a winning Resume". Parallely, students were made to participate in Group Discussions, Case Studies and Interviews; every student got to experience one GD, one Case Study and one Interview. The sessions were taken by in house team as well as professionals with relevant experience; these professionals represented diverse facets of industry and academia and included trainers who are entrepreneurs, established authors as well as from premier institutions like the IIMs. Training was imparted to over 600 students and was well received by them. On the last day, an Aptitude Test was organized, covering areas like Quantitative, Verbal and Logical Reasoning. Apart from giving the students a near real experience of the actual process the Symposium was also used to segment students into three different groups, based on performance across multiple parameters ---- the weights given to different parameters were--- 20% for CGPA, 30% for Symposium Interview, 15% for Symposium Group Discussion, 15% for Symposium Case Study and 20% for the Aptitude Test. Top 165 students (based on the above parameters) were nominated as members of the ‘Thapar Achievers' Club (TAC)’, others were segmented into two different groups.

Thapar Achievers’ Club (TAC) : This is a group of key performers in the Placement Symposium, based on a multiplicity of factors. The students of this group get advanced level training inputs so that the incremental efforts which they need to put in, are judiciously channelized. Training is imparted on campus by a high end Industry expert with proven experience in mentoring, motivating and guiding students.

Smart Skills Development Program (SSDP) : This is a carefully crafted training program for students in different years of UG/PG. It is based on the vision of bracing students with a range of industry and society centric skills - effective communication & presentation, interpersonal skills, group dynamics, problem solving, decision making, data analysis, cultural sensitivity, change management – collectively known as ‘Smart Skills’. While thrust is more on concepts & fundamentals for students in formative years, there is a strong application orientation for students in conclusive years of UG/PG. Training is imparted on weekends and select weekdays without disturbing the academic equilibrium.

Staff Development Program : This program is designed for both teaching and non teaching staff. The focus areas of the program include both technical and behavioural aspects of work. Currently, the modules are being conducted by experts from NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research).