Infrastructure & Facilities

Specialized well equipped laboratories especially for business incubation in biofertilizer and biopesticide production, food processing and analysis;pilot scale lab.; temperature controlled rooms classified as growth rooms, cold room, inoculation rooms, instrumentation room. Biocomposting and vermicompost unit, commercial production of mushrooms, biogas plant and polyhouse for mass production of the blue green algal biofertilizer. Well equipped office with personal computers, printers, fax machine, scanner, DLP projector, digital camera, reprography, networking and library and seminar hall equipped with audio-visual systems.

Equipments available for analytical work and pilot scale trials

HPTLC, Gas Chromatograph, rotary vaccum evaporator, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, centriguge, ultrasonicator, thermal cycler, fermentor, deep freezers, horizontal and vertical autoclave, microclimate temperature controller, biosafety cabinets, incubator shaker, BOD incubator, vaccum dryer, muffle furnace, water bath, hand refractometer, water activity meter, soy cow machine, fruit and vegetable juicer, grinder, pulverizer, dough kneader, neem insecticide processor (depulper, dryer, decorticator, pulverizer). Food Extruder, Stomacher, Grain Sizing Device, HDPE Packing Machine, Mini Boiler, Multipoint Digestion System, Spray Drier have been added this year.