List of Referred Journal Papers (2013-14)

S. No. Title of the paper Name of the Journal with volume, page nos., year Name of the authors Impact Factor
1 Study of surface properties in particulate reinforced MMC using powder-Mixed EDM Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 29: 46–52, 2014 Sarabjeet Singh Sidhu, Ajay Batish, Sanjeev Kumar 1.486
2 An Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Ambient Temperature during Manual Lifting and Design of Optimal Task Parameters Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries Vol 24, Issue 1, pp 56-70 SRavindraPratap Singh, Ajay Batish, Anirban Bhattacharya, T. P. Singh 0.624
3 Determination of safe limits of significant task parameters during manual lifting Workplace Health & Safety,Volume 62 • Issue 4: 150-160 RavindraPratap Singh, Ajay Batish, Anirban Bhattacharya, T. P. Singh 0.856
4 A multipoint method for 5-axis machining of triangulated surface models Computer-Aided Design, Elsevier, Vol. 52, page 17–26, 2014 R K Duvedi, Sanjeev Bedi, Ajay Batish, Stephen Mann 1.264
5 Performance characteristics of centrifugal slurry pump with multi-sized particulate bottom and fly Ash mixtures Particulate Science and Technology.32:366-376. R K Duvedi, Sanjeev Bedi, Ajay Batish, Stephen Mann 1.264
6 Development of Automatic GMAW Setup for Process Improvements: Experimental and Modeling Approach Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Taylor and Francis (ISSN 1042-6914 (Print), 1532-2475 (Online)) Vol. 29, No. 8, pp. 988–995, 2014. Bhattacharya A., and Bera T. K. 1.486
7 Rheological behavior of MR polishing fluid in ball end magnetorheological finishing process Magnetohydrodynamics (2013) 49/3- 4: 512–515. Anant Kumar Singh, Sunil Jha, P.M. Pandey 0.55
8 Modelling thermal conductivity for alumina-water nanofluid International Journal of Particulate Science and Technology-Taylor Francis, vol. 32, Issue 3, pp. 319-326, 2014. Mishra A, Kundan L &Mallick SS 0.60
9 Hard Turning: Parametric Optimization using Genetic Algorithm for Rough/Finish Machining and Study of Surface Morphology Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology Vol. 28, No. 5, May 2014, pp. 1629-1640. Ajay Batish, Anirban Bhattacharya, Manwinder Kaur, Manjot Singh Cheema 0.616
10 Surface Roughness and Profile Error in Precision Diamond Turning of C18000 Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Taylor and Francis, Vol. 29, No. 5, Pages: 606-613, Anikate Gupta, S V Ramagopal, Ajay Batish, Anirban Bhattacharya 1.297
11 Experimental investigation of material transfer mechanism in WEDM of pure titanium (Grade-2 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Vol.2013, Article ID: 847876, PP.1-20, DOI: 10.1155/2013/847876, Hindawi Publishers Anish kumar Vinod kumar Jatinder kumar 0.897
12 Surface integrity and material transfer investigation of pure titanium for rough cut surface after wire electro discharge machining Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, SAGE publications, (Published online, December 2013),DOI:10.1177/0954405413513013,PP 1-22. Anish kumar Vinod kumar Jatinder kumar 0.77
13 Microstructure analysis and material transformation of pure titanium and tool wear surface after Wire Electric Discharge machining process Machining Science and Technology, 18:47–77, 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, DOI: 10.1080/10910344.2014.863632 Anish kumar Vinod kumar Jatinder kumar 0.876
14 On Improving Solid Friction Factor Modelling for Fluidized Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems Powder Technology, Volume 257, pp 88-103, year 2014 GautamSetia, S.S.Mallick, P.W. Wypych 2.499
15 Anisotropic CuO nanostructures of different size and shape exhibit thermal conductivity superior than typical bulk powder Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Volume 459, pp 282-289, year 2014 Bhupender Pal, SoumyaSuddhaMallick and Bonamali Pal 2.494
16 Vehicular traffic noise modeling using artificial neuron network approach Transportation Research Part-C, v. 40 pp 111-122 Paras Kumar, S.P. Nigam &Narotam Kumar 3.118