Course Outcomes

S. No. Course No. Course Name Course Outcomes
After the completion of respective courses the student will be able to
1. PCE101 Advanced Structural Analysis Analyze and evaluate systems in structural engineering using force and displacement methods Perform plastic analysis of various structures Carry out stability analysis of various structural system
2. PCE102 Advanced Solid Mechanics · Develop stress-strain relationships using stress tensor and transformation in elastic state. · Solve problems of linear elasticity using boundary value concept · Analyse problems of plasticity using stress deformation theory
3. PCE103 Advanced Structural Design · Design and carry out the reinforcement detailing of building frames. · Design and detail RC retaining structures · Analyse and design slabs using yield line theory · Design special RC elements including domes and deep beams
4. PCE104 Structural Materials Understand the use of supplementary cementing materials as cement replacement in concrete To design high strength and high performance concretes To design concrete mixtures using waste materials and by-products To understand use of composites and fibres for concrete strengthening
5. PCE201 Finite Element Methods in Structural Analysis · Perform analysis of 2-D structures using plane stress and plane strain cases · Perform finite element analysis using 2-D triangular and rectangular elements · Carry out dynamic analysis of beams and frames using finite elements
6. PCE202 Pre-stressed Concrete · Understand the terminology related to pre-stressing and pre-stressing systems · Analysis and Design of pre-tensioned as well as post-tensioned concrete beams and slabs using working stress as well as limit state methods · Analyse and design the anchorage systems for pre-stressing at the construction site · To design various pre-stressed structures and retaining elements.
7. PCE203 Plates and Shells · Understand the equilibrium theories for analysis of plates and shell structures in Civil Engineering applications · Perform critical Analysis and Design of Typical Shell Structures · Understand various methods for analyzing grids for roofs and bridges.
8. PCE204 Structural Dynamics Understand basic concepts related to dynamic analysis of structures Perform analysis of SDOF and MDOF Perform dynamic analysis of various structures using Numerical Methods Carry out dynamic analysis of base isolated buildings.
9. PCE301 Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures · Evaluate seismic forces for various structures as per relevant Indian standards · Design and ductile detailing of structures for seismic resistance as per Indian Standards · Apply concepts of repair and rehabilitation of earthquake affected structures
10. PCE211 Advanced Bridge Design · Understand the concept of planning and investigation for bridges · Analyse and design superstructures for various types of RCC bridges · Analyse and design various types of substructures and foundations · Perform dynamic analysis of bridges
11. PCE212 Tall Structures · Plan tall buildings considering structural systems, fire rating, local considerations etc. · Evaluate loading for tall structures · Analyze and design of tall structural systems including structural connections · Analyse tube-in-tube construction and 3-dimensional analysis of shear core building
12. PCE213 Wind Effect on Structures · Understand wind effects on low as well as tall buildings · Evaluation of wind forces for various structures using relevant Indian standards · Design of structures for wind resistance · Understand the role of wind tunnel testing for structural safety
13. PCE321 Foundation Engineering · Understand the concept of evaluation of bearing capacity for shallow foundations · Evaluate the load carrying capacity of pile and well foundations · Perform geotechnical analysis of machine foundations · Understand the concept of liquefaction of soils
14. PCE322 Reliability-based design · Understand use of general concepts of statistics for probabilistic analysis · Understand the basic concepts related to reliability analysis of structures · Design the structures for various reliability indices
15. PCE323 Industrial Structures · Carry out plastic design of structural elements · Analyse and design industrial buildings and storage structures · Analyse and design structures using light gauge steel and aluminium · To understand shop practice in steel construction including fabrication, erection and production.
16. PCE291 Seminar · To prepare students for the method of literature survey, realization of journal papers outcomes, expose them to the world of research and compilation/review of a research area of current era and prepare them for presentation of literature summary.
17. PCE292 Major Project · To prepare students for real life design project
18. PCE091 Dissertation · To prepare students for real life design project · To explore and enhance research potential