Dissertations (MSc-Biotechnology)

Academic Year (2009-10)

S. No. Title of the thesis/dissertation Supervisor(s) Student
1. Cloning of promoter regions of metallothionein genes of Hebeloma cylindrosporum for functional assays. Dr. M. S. Reddy Deepika
2. Development and application of recombinant enzymes from Clostridium sp. and from other isolates for bioconversion of cellulose to glucose. Dr. D. Goyal Shelly Gupta
3. Biochemical & molecular studies on in vitro produced potato microtubers Dr. N. Das Hitaishi Khandal
4. Cloning and characterization of metallothionein genes of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus albus. Dr. M. S. Reddy Sipla Aggarwal
5. Effect of temperature and cooking process of transesterification properties of Oil. Dr. N. Tejo Prakash & Dr. R. Prakash Roshina Kalra
6. Endophytic fungi as a bioresource of enzyme inhibitors – a possible route to drug development. Dr. S. Saxena Lokesh Gambhir
7. Plant propagation from artificial seeds developed from somatic embryos and shoot buds in Tylophora indica and Stevia rebaudiana. Dr. M. Anand Deepika Singh
8. Collection and molecular characterization of ecotypes of Bacopa monnieri and the morphogenetic potential of these ecotypes. Dr. A. Kumar Barkha Khilwani
9. Molecular studies on transgenic potato microtubers. Dr. N. Das Richa Kapoor
10. Leachate characterization of concrete constituting fly ash and waste Foundry Sand. Dr. A. Rajor, R. Siddique Navneet Kaur
11. Epitope based Vaccine design in influenza virus A: An Immunoinformatics approach. Dr. M. Baranwal Deepti Sharma
12. Molecular screening and genetic monitoring of nitrogen fixing bacteria. Dr. D. Goyal Madhu Samita
13. Optimization of parameters for fungus catalyzed tranesterification of vegetable oils. Dr. N. Tejo Prakash & Dr. R. Prakash Rashika Raman Mantri
14. Cloning and characterization of phytochelatin synthase gene of ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum. Dr. M. S. Reddy Ritika Goyal
15. Development of genetic propagation protocol for selected root-stock of Apple. Dr. A. Kumar Nishant Sharma
16. In vitro clonal propagation of Stevia rebaudiana-an important medicinal plant. Dr. M. Anand Navdeep Kaur
17. Evaluation of microbially derived peptides for inactivation of food borne pathogens. Dr. A. Ganguli Purabi Bora
18. Engineering of non-toxic, antimicrobial biopolymers. Dr M. Ghosh Mamta Dogra
19. Bioprospecting endophytic fungi in Aegle marmelos and their antimicrobial activity. Dr. S. Saxena Vishakha
20. Production of value added food/products from agro processing and other wastes. Dr. A. Ganguli Vineet Sharma
21. In situ biorestoration of structural and fibre composites by reinforcing biopolymers. Dr. M. Ghosh Pritanshu
22. Preparation and optimization of various parameters for the controled release of drug from chitosan TPP microspheres. Mrs. M. Vasundhara Kumar Siddharth Singh
23. Biodegradation kinetics of binary and ternary mixture of naphthalene anthracene and pyrene by Mycobacterium frederiksbergense in two liquid phase system. Dr. B.Mahanty Surya Pratap Singh

Academic Year (2008-09)

S. No. Title of the thesis/dissertation Supervisor(s) Student
1. Cloning, expression and characterization of xylanase genes form novel alkaliphilc bacteria. Dr. M.S. Reddy Payal Jaggi
2. Molecular cloning studies on napin genes from oilseed crop Brassica juncea& construction of Ti plasmid based vectors. Dr. N. Das Aditi Aggarwal
3. Studies on antimicrobial activity of neem kernel extract. Dr. D. Bakshi Dr. D. Goyal Karan Paul
4. Degradation of cellulose by natural isolates (Bacillus sps). Dr. D. Goyal Nadeem Akhtar
5. Cloning and characterization of the phytochelatin synthase gene promoter of ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum. Dr. M.S. Reddy Poonam Aggarwal
6. In vitro ectomycorrhizal formation and mass inoculum production of some ectomycorrhizal fungi of Kashmir Himalayas. Dr. M.S. Reddy Manas Ranjan Sahoo
7. Molecular cloning studies for type I & II seed-expressed acyl carrier protein genes from Brassica. Dr. N. Das Rishu Garg
8. Nitrogen fixation by blue green algae. Dr. D. Goyal Chitra Bairwa
9. Studies on oil tolerance and lipase production by fungi. Dr. N. Tejo Prakash Vidya Sagar Pandey
10. Syntheses of Highly Reactive Metal Oxide (MgO, TiO2, and Fe2O3) Nanoparticles and its Size Dependent Bactericidal Activity. Dr. B. Pal / Dr. N. Das Kunal Angrish
11. Genetic transformation of Bacopa monniera for the productionofbacosides. Dr. A. Kumar Neha Jaiswal
12. Efficient plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis and production of artificial seeds in Tylophora indica. Dr. M. Anand Anamika
13. Preparation and optimization of various parameters for the controlled release of the model drug from chitosan-TPP microspheres. Mrs. M. Vasundhara Taranpreet Kaur
14. In vitro clonal propagation of Stevia rebaudiana-an important medicinal plant. Dr. M. Anand Richa Gaur
15. Organic emissions from incineration. Dr. S. Singh Amit Vashishth
16. Metabolic responses of folate producing lactic acid bacteria. Dr M. Ghosh (Namita Patil)
17. Microbial antagonism by surface modified biopolymers. Dr M. Ghosh Rashmi Kumariya
18. Development of a platform for screening anti-metabolites from fungi with role as anti-hypercholestroemic agents. Dr. S. Saxena Ajit Kaur
19. Biochemical and molecular characterization of some of the ecotypes of Bacopa monniera different locations. Dr. A. Kumar Uma Kumari
20. Impact of heavy metals on nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria. Dr. D. Goyal Manasi Purwar
21. Immobilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells using chitosan and sodium tripolyphosphate by ionotropic gelation method and optimization of various factors. Mrs. M. Vasundhara Supriya Sachdeva
22. Elucidation of antibiotic resistance in Enterococci sp. Dr. A. Ganguli Subrat Mohapatra
23. Photocatalytic Destruction of Biomolecules in Biocontaminated Water with Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Nanoparticles. Dr. B. Pal Isha Singh
24. Kinetics of whole cell catalyzed transesterification. Dr. N. Tejo Prakash Shweta Kumari
25. Studies on selenium biotransformations. Dr. N. Tejo Prakash Sonika Pahwa
26. Role of dietary starch in survival of Lactobacillus sp. Dr. A. Ganguli Aditi Sood
27. Functional group manipulation of organic molecules using microbiology. Dr. R. Prakash, Dr. M. Chhibber Sumit Kumar Jaiswal
28. Characterization of emerging pathogens in potable water. Dr. A. Ganguli Sapna Sohal
29. Immobilized lipase catalyst for transesterification of vegetable oil. Dr. A. Ali Upasana Mehra
30. Research Proposal on cancer biology (SLS, JNU) Prof. R.K. Kale Dr. N. Das Suchit Khanna