Major research and instrumental facilities available (laboratory wise list)

Sr. No. Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments  
1. Biochemistry Lab. Fermenters
Laminar Airflows
Deep freezers
Distillation units
BOD Incubators
2. Industrial Biotechnology Lab.  Electroporator
Thermal Cyclers
Lyophilizer Electronic
Balances Laminar
Airflows Fermenter
Milli-Q system
Electrophoresis System with power pack
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Hi-throughput Microbial Analyzer
3. Microbiology Lab. Centrifuge
Laminar Airflow
pH meter Autoclave
DO Meter
Cabinet Dryer
Peristaltic Pump
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Distillation unit
Fume-hood Shaker
4. Molecular Biology Lab. Electrophoresis system with power pack
pH meter
Conductivity meter
Gas chromatographs
Refrigerated Centrifuge
UV Torch
Laminar Air Flows
BOD Incubators
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Water bath shaker
Gel doc. System
Thermal cycler
UV Transilluminator 
Fully automatic Autoclave
Soxhlet Unit
Deep Freezer
Ultra Freezer
5. Environmental Sciences Lab. Rotary Evaporator
COD Digestor
Laminar Air Flow
Micro spectrometer
With Channel Pipette
Jar test Apparatus
Fume hood
Electronic balances
Cold Room 
Ice Machine
BOD Incubators
pH meter
6. Food Technology Lab. Hybridization Oven
Laminar Air Flow
BOD Incubators
UV- VIS Spectrophotometer
Fully Automatic Autoclave
Incubator Shaker
High Volume sampler with
Stack sampling Kit
Whether monitoring station
7. Bioinformatics Lab PI-V Computers with UPS, Graphpad software and Internet facility