M.Tech. theses (Completed)

S. No. Title of the Thesis Name of the Student Supervisor(s) Year of completion
1 Arsenic removal from drinking water by electro-coagulation Ms. Chetna Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta Dr. V.K. Sangal July, 2010
2 Preparation and characterization of nanofluids and some investigation in biological applications Ms. Harkirat Sandhu Dr. D. Gangacharyulu July, 2010
3 Study of electro-coagulation and combined electro-coagulation-oxidation processes for dye removal Mr. Ravi Yadav Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta Dr. V.K. Sangal July, 2010
4 Preperation and characterization of PDLLA - PCL - Starch blends processsed under microwave radiation Mrs. Ritika Singla Dr. Rajeev Mehta Feb., 2011
5 Simulation studies ofv reactive distillation for ethyl acetate production through esterification Mr. Abhishek singh Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta July, 2011
6 Biodegradibility studies of linear low density polyethylene and its blends using composted municipal solid waste Ms. Ankita Sharma Dr. P. K. Bajpai Dr. H. Bhunia July, 2011
7 Modelling and simulation of fluid catalytic cracing riser reactor Mr. Harmandeep Sharma Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta Mr. Parminder Singh July, 2011
8 Simulation study of divided wall column Ms. Lovedeep Kaur Dr. V.K. Sangal July, 2011
9 Zeolite synthesis and its application as an adsorbent Mr. Shakti Nath Das Dr. (Mrs.) S. Barman Mr. Sanjiv Ahuja July, 2011
10 Degradation of ibuprofen in wastewater by ozonation and catalytic ozonation Ms. Vimmi Kathpalia Dr. P. K. Bajpai Dr. Jagar Salton July, 2011
11 Preparation and Characterization of Nanofluids Mr. Gajendra Singh (600911004) Ms. Harkirat Dr. D. Gangacharyulu July, 2011
12 Modification of Conventional Adsorbents for CO2Capture Mr. Tinesh Chand (600911011) Dr. P.K. Bajpai Dr. H. Bhunia Dec., 2011
13 Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye Effluent using Catalyst TiO2/Doped TiO2 Mr. Alok Garg (650911001) Dr. P.K. Bajpai Dr. V.K. Sangal July, 2012
14 Effectiveness of Some Simple Techniques for Fly Ash Beneficiation Ms. Amanpreet Kaur (601011001) Dr. R.K. Gupta July, 2012
15 Hydrogen Storage via Sodium Borohydride Ms. Arshdeep Kaur (601011003) Dr. D. Gangacharyulu July, 2012
16 Simulation Studies of Divided Wall Distillation Column Ms. Jasdeep Kaur (601011005) Dr. V.K. Sangal July, 2012
17 Removal of Amido Black Dye by Adsorption with Zeolite Synthesized from Fly Ash Mr. Munish Mainrai (601011006) Dr. S. Barman Dr. V.K. Bulasara July, 2012
18 Anaerobic Biodegradation of Linear Model Naphthenic Acid under Denitrifying Conditions Mr. Nipun Dogra (601011007) Dr. P.K. Bajpai Dr. Mehdi Nemati July, 2012
19 Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Fibre and Cellulose Composite Paper for Electrical Insulation Mr. Ramesh Chandrashekar (601011008) Dr. Rajeev Mehta Dr. P.K. Bajpai July, 2012
20 CFD Modeling of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Riser Reactor Ms. Rashmi Pahwa (601011009) Dr. R.K. Gupta July, 2012
21 Studies on Treatment of Textile Industry Wastewater Mr. Sachin Bansal (601011010) Dr. V.K. Sangal Dr. J.P. Kushwaha July, 2012
22 Degradation of Oxalic Acid by Catalytic Ozonation Ms. Sneha Trivedi (601011011) Dr. P.K. Bajpai Dr. Jafer Soltan July, 2012
23 Adsorptive removal of tannic acid by activated carbon from aqueous solution Mr. Shubhjeet Singh (601011013) Dr. J.P. Kushwaha July, 2012
24 Studies on Adsorption of Thionine Dye From its’s Aqueous Solution over Low cost Biosorbents Ms. Alpana Saini Dr. Sangmitra Barman July, 2013
25 Polymer Fibre and Cellulose Composite paper with Starch Binder for electrical Insulation Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey Dr. Rajeev Mehta and Dr. P.K. Bajpai July, 2013
26 Study the Characterization and Evaluation of Cellulosic based solid insulation having Low permittivity Mr. Aurnabh Singh Dr. Rajeev Mehta and Dr. Sushil E. Chaudhari July, 2013
27 Experimental Investigation of COAbsorption Capacity in Amine Blend of 2-Amino-2-methy1-1 propanol (AMP) and Tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA) Mr. Babul Prasad Mr. Rakesh Kr. Gupta July, 2013
28 Simulation Studies on Fluid Catalytic Cracking Riser Reactor Mr. Divyanshu Arya Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta July, 2013
29 Preparation of Low-Cost Microfiltration Membranes from Fly Ash Mr. Gurpreet Singh Dr. V.K. Bulasara July, 2013
30 CO2 Sequestration by Chlorella vulgaris Mr. Kumar Uddipto Dr. P.K. Bajpai and Dr. H.P. Bhunia July, 2013
31 Confined Flow over Semi-circular Cylinder in Steady Flow Regime Mr. Manish Dhiman Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta and Dr. Avinash Chandra July, 2013
32 Simulation studies of Extractive Divided Wall Distillation Columns Mr. Pallav Gupta Dr. V. K. Sangal July, 2013
33 Glass Fiber/Epoxy Polymer Nanocomposites Effect of Another Polymeric Fiber Ms. Parul Dr. Rajeev Mehta and Mr. Bikramjit Sharma July, 2013
34 Adsorptive Treatment of Textile Wastewater by Activated Carbon Based on Peanut Shell Ms. Rashmi Saluja Dr. V. K. Sangal and Dr. J. P. Kushwaha July, 2013
35 Some Studies on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Nanofluids Ms. Richa Saxena Dr. D. Gangacharyulu July, 2013
36 Continuous Electrochemical Treatment of Dairy industry Wastewater Mr. Shishir Rarotra Dr. V. K. Sangal and Dr. J. P. Kushwaha July, 2013
37 Anaerobic Co-Biodegradation of Linear and Cyclic model Naphthenic Acids Under Denitrifying Conditions Mr. Suraj Kumar Dr. P. K. Bajpai and Dr. Mehdi Nemati July, 2013
38 Adsorption Characteristics of Jackfruit Leaf Powder (JLP) for the Removal of Dyes Mr. Amit Kumar Ojha Dr. V. K. Bulasara July, 2013
39 Preparation and Characterization of Membranes Made of Pottery Clay Mr. Parminder Singh Dr. V. K. Bulasara Dec. 2013
40 Studies of CO2 sequestration by Anabaena viriabilis in stirred tank batch type photobioreactor Mr. Abhishek Sharma Dr. P. K. Bajpai, Dr. Haripada Bhunia July, 2014
41 Removal of phenol from wastewater using fly ash as adsorbent Mr. Manish Kumar Dhiman Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta, Dr. V. K. Bulasara July, 2014
42 Dairy Waste Water Treatment by Continuous Electrochemical Process Ms. Poonam Kumari Dr. V. K. Sangal, Dr. J. P. Kushwaha July, 2014
43 Adsorption Study for the Treatment of Wastewater using cloisite 15A as an Adsorbent Ms. Shivani Kalotra Dr. Rajeev Mehta, Dr. V. K. Sangal July, 2014
44 Removal of copper from aqueous solutions using reactive extraction Arghya Datta Dr. Dipaloy Datta and Dr. Avinash Chandra July,2015
45 Removal of methylene blue by advanced oxidation using fenton’s reagent and microfiltration Karishma Jasrotia Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta and Dr. Manoj Kumar July,2015
46 Microwave in-situ polymerization of poly Lactic acid and carbon nanotubes and study of its electrical conductivity Mehak Bali Dr. Rajeev Mehta and Dr. S. K. Ahuja July,2015
47 Carbon dioxide adsorption on metal organic framework basolite c300 Ronjish Chugh Dr. P. K. Bajpai and Dr. Haripada Bhunia July,2015
48 Adsorption of indole and orthophenylenediamine On activated carbon Harish Kumar Dr. J. P. Kushwaha and Dr. V. K. Sangal July,2015
49 Experimental Studies on Entrainment Characteristics of Alumina-Water Nanofluids Nandita Dhawan Dr. D. Gangacharyulu and Dr. V. K. Bulasara July,2015
50 Study of the pre-shearing protocol and rheological parameters of shear-thickening fluids containing nano particles Pavni Passey Prof. Rajeev Mehta July,2016
51 Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceuticals Wastewater Steffi Talwar Dr. V. K. Sangal July,2016
52 Effect of Crosslinked Polymer on Drying of Binary Polymeric Coatings Aman Pathania Dr. R. K. Arya July,2017
53 Membrane Separation for Wastewater Treatment Manju Rawat Dr. V. K. Bulasara July,2017
54 Extraction of Dyes from Industrial Waste Stream by Liquid – Liquid Micro Extraction Paramjit Kaur Dr. N. Singh Dr. J. P. Kushwaha July,2017
55 Treatment of Cutting Oil Emulsion by Electro-Oxidation Process Raman Preet Kaur Dr. V. K. Sangal July,2017
56 Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nano-Fluids Ritesh Yadav Dr. D. Gangacharyulu Dr. R. K. Gupta July,2017