Message From Head

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed University) TIET, Patiala. Thank you for giving preference to Department of Biotechnology for shaping and enriching your Graduate, Postgraduate and PhD learning and career in Biotechnology.

Biotechnology is a discipline that has emerged in recent times and promises to solve problems related to human health, agriculture, and industry. This concept suggests that the outcomes of science and technology are always emerged dialectically by social and technical circumstances. The multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology brings about wide applications for the betterment of human society.

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India has immensely inspired the Biotechnology research and development activities through several research and development projects and the creation of infrastructural facilities. The umbrella of biotechnology covers the variety of areas ranging from the human genome, vaccines, infectious, chronic and degenerative diseases, cell science, crop science, animal and plant biotechnology, agriculture and aquaculture, food and nutrition to environmental management and technologies for clean energy.

In response to widening horizons of Biotechnology, our department regularly revises its curriculum to align it with recent developments in technology and ever-growing needs of the industry. There is a significant industry connects which helps us to make our teaching-learning processes more effective and industry oriented. As a part of the academic contemporization to bring our teaching standards and practices at par with the best in the world, our curriculum has been harmonized with that of Tel Aviv University, Israel. This contemporization process also includes training of the entire faculty of the department on educational technologies, joint research by faculty of two institutions and student exchange. Faculty members also continuously work for their professional development by attending and organizing conferences and faculty development programme. As a result of the extensive teachers training programme, the latest pedagogical approaches such as experiential learning, research-based teaching and project-based learning are being used. We are committed to continuously improve every aspect of the teaching-learning process.

I sincerely hope your investment of time on these pages of the Biotechnology department shall reap great benefits as per your interest.

In case you still strive to know more, I shall be more than happy to reply to your queries.