PEOs & POs

Program Educational Objective (PEO)

  • Impart the knowledge to the students on advance topics in Chemical Engineering.
  • Create an environment conducive to working with multidisciplinary groups in academic institute, Industries and other organisations.
  • Broaden their capabilities for analytical and experimental research, analysis of data and drawing relevant conclusion for scholarly writing, presentation and knowledge creation.
  • To pursue life long reflective learning to fulfil their goals.

Program Outcomes:

  • PO1 Demonstrate knowledge of fundamentals, scientific and/or engineering principles.
  • PO2 Able to analyze and apply the state of art tools including software tools in addressing challenges in Chemical Processes.
  • PO3 Identify the constraints, assumptions and use appropriate equipment and techniques for data collection.
  • PO4 Analyze experimental data and interpret experimental results with respect to assumptions, constraints and theory.
  • PO5 Ability to design process within realistic constraints to satisfy project requirement for chemical process/systems.
  • PO6 Able to apply scientific and/or engineering principles towards solving engineering problems
  • PO7 Communicate professionally to express views and to publish technical journals.