Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEOs 1.To provide the knowledge of wireless communication systems to the students from basic to advance level, so that they can have successful career in their respective professional fields and other related engineering fields.

PEOs 2.To develop the technical skills of students in such a manner, so that they would be able to do experimental/ theoretical as well as analytical/ simulation based research; and they will be able to work with inter-disciplinary groups in the professional, industrial and research organizations

Program Outcomes(POs)

  • After the successful completion of the course work in M. E (WC) programme, the students will be able:
  • To identify, formulate, analyse and solve engineering problems related to wireless communication systems.
  • To technically assess and review the research work related to wireless communication engineering.
  • To design and conduct experimental and/or analytical work in their respective professional field using modern mathematical as well as scientific methods.
  • To analyze statistical and experimental data, so as to have relevant conclusion for the scholarly writing and presentation.
  • To know the significance of team work.
  • To identify, classify and describe the performance of wireless communication systems through the use of analytical methods and modeling techniques.
  • To identify the problem that contains an ethical component and creates an ethically defensible solution.