Ph.D Completed

List of Complted PhD


Sl. No. Name Thesis title Supervisor(s) Year of completion


T.K. Bansal

Treatment of electroplating effluents by reverse osmosis for recovery of water and chemicals along with pollution abatement

Dr. P.K. Bajpai

October 1995


S.K. Chakrabarti

Biphasic Biomethanation of hemicellulose rice effluent

Dr. P.K.Bajpai

Dr. P.K. Roychoudhary

October 1999


Manohar Singh

Modelling of hydroxy terminated polybutadiene prepolymer based polyurethane networks

Dr. T.K.Bansal

Dr. B.K. Kanungo

October 2000


Pritpal Singh

Synthesis, characterisation and application of some inorganic ion-exchangers

Dr. S. Mittal

October 2001


Mohammad Abdur Rouf

Studies on Anaerobic digestion of press mud from sugar industry

Dr. P.K. Bajpai

Dr. C.K. Jotshi

October 2002


Amrit Pal Toor

Photocatalytic degradation of chlorinated organic compounds in industrial wastewater

Dr. P.K.Bajpai

Dr. C.K. Jotshi

Dr. V. Singh

February 2005



Raj Kumar Gupta

Mathematical Modeling of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

Dr. Vineet Kumar

Dr. V.K. Srivastava (IIT, Delhi)

September 2006



Rajeev Mehta

Modeling and simulation of Polylactic Acid Polymerization

Dr.Vineet Kumar

October 2006


Harpreet Singh Rai

Treatment of basic dye bath effluent in anaerotic reactor



October 2006


Surjit S.Katoch

Investigations on common Treatment Technologies for some Bio Medical Wastes

Dr.Vineet Kumar

Dr.Sushil Mittal

July 2008


Parmod Kumar Gupta

Effect of recycling on fibre characteristics of agri-residue paper from chemical pulp

Dr. A. K. Saroha

Dr. Shishir Sinha

August 2010


Gursewak Singh

 Studies on degradable blend of polylactic acid


Dr. Veena Chaudhary (IIT, Delhi)

February 2011



Kinetic Studies on Polymerization of Poly(Lactic Acid ) using suitable catalyst

Dr.Rajeev Mehta

Dr.S.N.Upadhay (BHU)

December 2011


Vikas K. Sangal

 Studies on Divided Wall Distillation Column

Dr.Vineet Kumar (IIT, Roorkee)

Dr. I. M. Mishra (IIT, Roorkee)

October 2012


Sandeep Kumar Sharma

Photocatalytic treatment of textile effluent

Dr. H. Bhunia

February 2013


Sanjeev Kumar Ahuja

Analysis of Initial Discontinuities in Lumped-Parameter Systems

Dr. P. K. Bajpai

June 2013


Surajit Sengupta

Studies on CO2 capture using adsorption from simulated refinery flue gas

Dr. P. K. Bajpai,
Dr. H. Bhunia and
Dr. A K Das (RIL)

June 2015


Gaurav Madhu

Studies on degradability of high density polyethylene (HDPE) – polylactide (PLA) blends

Dr. P. K. Bajpai,
Dr. H. Bhunia

September 2015


Chitrakshi Goel

Development and characterization of nanostructured  carbon adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture

Dr. P. K. Bajpai,
Dr. H. Bhunia

March 2016


 Damandeep Singh

Experimental and simulation studies of industrial scale finishing reactive distillation column

Dr. Rajkumar Gupta

Dr.Vineet Kumar (IIT, Roorkee)

June 2016


B.S. Bhullar

Studies on Thermal Characteristics of Nanofluids in Heatpipe

Dr. D. Gangacharyulu
Dr. S K Das ( IIT Ropar)

October 2016


Alok Garg

Modeling and optimization of degradation of dyes present in textile waste water using supported photocatalyst

Dr. P. K. Bajpai

Dr. V. K. Sangal

April 2017

23 Harkirat Heat transfer and fluid flow nanofluids in micro-channels Dr. D Gangacharyulu October 2017
24 Arshdeep kaur Studies on catallytic hydrogen generation from sodium borohydrade Dr. D. Gangacharyulu
Dr. P. K. Bajpai
October 2017
25 Harjot Kaur Preparation and characterization of composite membranes for ultrafiltration applications Dr. R.K. Gupta
Dr. V.K. Bulasara
March 2018
26 Nitin Goyal Studies on removal of emerging endocrine disruptor compounds from aqueous phase by synthesized nanozeolites Dr. S. Barman
Dr. V.K. Bulasara
April 2018