Ph.D. Submission Requirements

Ph.D. Submission Requirements


The following is the list of documents required at the time of submission of Ph.D. thesis in the department:


1.      Minutes of synopsis meeting.

2.      Attendance sheet of synopsis meeting.

3.      Two hard copies of approved synopsis.

4.      Panel of examiners to evaluate the Ph.D. thesis (in the correct format).

5.      SCI Publications (full length papers to be provided).

6.      JCR list showing journals (in which candidate has published his Ph.D. work) to be in the SCI list. Please highlight your journals in the JCR list.

7.      Three hard copies of Ph.D. thesis. Print on both sides of a page.

8.      Thesis submittal form

9.      No Dues Form

10.  Fee Receipt.

11.  A single CD containing both synopsis and complete Ph.D. thesis with two files. The file names for synopsis and thesis should respectively be (i) synopsis_candidate name.MED.pdf (ii) phd thesis_candidate name.MED.pdf.


Downloading links:


Thesis submittal form

No Dues Form