Ph.D Awarded

Ph. D. Completed

S. No. Title Candidate Name of the Supervisor(s) Year
1. Characterization and Development of Algorithms for Array Processing Architectures of Adaptive Antennas in Wireless Communication Rajesh Khanna Dr. Rajiv Saxena 2006
2. Performance Analysis of Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Classes in Signal Processing Applications Kulbir Singh Dr. Rajiv Saxena 2006
3. Analysis and Design of Multirate System and Filter Banks Alok Jain Dr. Rajiv Saxena & Dr. S.C. Saxena 2007
4. Fractional Fourier Domain Analysis of Window Functions and their Application to Digital Filter Design Sanjeev N. Sharma Dr. Rajiv Saxena & Dr. S.C. Saxena 2007
5. Investigations on Efficient Optical Fiber Communication Systems with Dispersion and Kerr Effect Hardeep Singh Dr. R.S. Kaler 2007
6. Simulation and Optimization of Optical Amplifiers in Optical Communication Networks Surinder Singh Dr. R.S. Kaler 2007
7. Performance analyses of optical burst switching for high speed networks Amit Garg Dr. R.S. Kaler 2010
8. Synthesis of Analog IC Building Blocks Alpana Aggarwal Dr. Chandra Shekhar 2010
9. An Analytical study of High Power SCHOTTKY Barrier Diode on 4H Silicon Carbide (SIC) Wafers Rajneesh Talwar Dr. A. Chatterjee 2010
10. Analysis & Design of robust power Double impanted MOSFET on 6H Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wafers Munish Vashishath Dr. A. Chatterjee 2010
11. Investigation on Fiber Bragg Gratings for Fiber Optic Communication Systems Navneet Singh Aulakh Dr. R.S. Kaler 2010
12. Routing and wavelength assignment algorithms for wdm networks Amit Wason Dr. R.S. Kaler 2011
13. Performance evaluation of concatenated channel codes and space time codes under fading channels. Surbhi Sharma Dr. Rajesh Khanna 2012