Ph.D. Submission Requirements

The following is the list of documents required at the time of submission of Ph.D. thesis in the department:

  • 1. Minutes of synopsis meeting.
  • 2. Attendance sheet of synopsis meeting.
  • 3. Two hard copies of approved synopsis.
  • 4. Panel of examiners to evaluate the Ph.D. thesis (in the correct format).
  • 5. SCI Publications (full length papers to be provided).
  • 6. JCR list showing journals (in which candidate has published his Ph.D. work) to be in the SCI list. Please highlight your journals in the JCR list.
  • 7. Three hard copies of Ph.D. thesis. Print on both sides of a page.
  • 8. Thesis submittal form
  • 9. No Dues Form
  • 10. Fee Receipt.
  • 11. A single CD containing both synopsis and complete Ph.D. thesis with two files. The file names for synopsis and thesis should respectively be (i) synopsis_candidate name.MED.pdf (ii) phd thesis_candidate name.MED.pdf.

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