Dr. Amit Mishra
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Assistant Professor


Wireless Communication, Softcomputing



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Neural Network, Communication Engineering, Embedded system, Microprocessors, Signal and system, Softcomputing, Adaptive signal Processing, Electrical circuit analysis, Electronics Engineering, Digital Electronics.


  • IEEE membership
  • Life membership, The Indian Science Congress Association, India



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Book Chapter

  1. Khushboo Pachori, Amit Mishra, Pachauri, R., and Singh, N. (2016), Envelope Fluctuation Reduction for WiMAX MIMO-OFDM signals using Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference Systems, Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, (Springer), pp 19-26.

Awards and Honours

Best Paper award in International Conference on Information System Design and Intelligent Applications, Springer AISC series Visakhapatnam, (INDIA-2016)

Description of Research Interests

His research interests include neural network, adaptive signal processing, Blind deconvolution and blind source separation. He is author or co-author of over twenty five publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He developed a hybrid Neuro-fuzzy based inference system useful in data approximation, prediction and classification. He has supervised a couple of Ph.D. theses and 08 M.Tech dissertations. He also associated and contributed as a reviewer in various international journals of repute.