Dr. Neeru Jindal
Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing



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Signals and Systems, Microprocessors, Linear integrated Circuit and Analysis, VLSI Architecture, Electronics Engineering, Neural Network, Multimedia Communication

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  • Associate of Institution of Engineers Kolkata Life Membership (LM-6514)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (MISTE) India Life Membership (M-216333)
  • Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication New Delhi

Publications and other Research Outputs


  1. Mittal K., Singh K., and Jindal N. (2016) “Image Compression Algorithm with Reduced Blocking Artifacts”, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, doi:10.3906/elk-1505-241 (IF-0.578)
  2. Jindal N. and Singh K., (2014), “Joint Image Compression-Encryption Using Discrete Fractional Transforms”, The Imaging Science Journal, Vol. 62, No. 5, pp.265-272.
  3. Jindal N. and Singh K., (2014), “Image and Video Processing using Discrete Fractional Transforms”, Signal Image and Video Processing. Vol. 8, No. 8, pp.1543-1553.


20 (Twenty)

Description of Research Interests

Working in the Area of Image and Video security, Watermarking, Biometrics