Dr. Nidhi Lal
Visiting Assistant Professor


Visiting Assistant Professor


Internet-of-things, Information-centric Networking, Wireless sensor networks



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Dr. Nidhi Lal is currently working as Visiting Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department. She received B.Tech degree in Information Technology in 2012 from Gautam Buddha Technical University. Further, she received M.Tech Degree in 2015 in Information technology in the area of Wireless Communication and Computing from Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, India. She got training in telecommunication networks from BSNL India in 2011. Also, she got training in advanced web designing in 2010. Currently, her Ph.D is from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad.

Publications and other Research Outputs

List of research publications in SCI/SSCI/SCIE/SSCIE & equivalent management journals

  1. "An Efficient Lookup Search and Forwarding Mechanism for Content-centric Networking (CCN)", Kumari Nidhi Lal, Anoj Kumar, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer 2017. (IF: 1.092).
  2. "A Centrality-Measures Based Caching Scheme for Content-centric Networking (CCN)", Kumari Nidhi Lal, Anoj Kumar, Multimedia Tools and Applications Springer 2017. (IF: 1.541).
  3. "A Popularity based Content Eviction scheme via Betweenness-centrality caching Approach for Content-centric Networking (CCN)", Kumari Nidhi Lal, Anoj Kumar, Wireless Networks, Springer 2017. (IF: 1.981).
  4. "A forwarding strategy based on ANFIS in internet-of-things-oriented wireless sensor network (WSN) using a novel fuzzy-based cluster head protocol", Kumari Nidhi Lal, Shishupal Kumar, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya, Springer 2018. (IF: 1.168)

Professional development activities/Research project

  • "Workshop on Network Simulation (WNS-2016)", by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MNNIT, Allahabad, held during September 28th – 2nd October, 2016.