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Contact No.: 9872883263(M)

Area: Wireless Communication and Antennas

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Dr. Rajesh Khanna is Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering and joined us in the year 1999. He has long been associated with the research in the area of Electronics and Communication. He has a significant contribution in carrying out several research projects on Electronic Instruments for various industries around Ambala, while working for Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation(Hartron) from 1988 to 1993. He worked in All India Radio Jallandhar from 1993 to 1999. There he has executed various projects like Installation of Dynamic carrier controller, design of Antenna Tuning Unit for AIR Jallandhar and URDU service transmitters etc. There he handled many instruments of LF and RF range at High Power transmitters. His current interests are in Wireless Communication and Antennas and he has guided a number of research projects in which useful algorithms for wireless communication have been developed and implemented. These include, FrFT based underwater communication, LDPC coded SDR system etc. Presently his research work is focused on design and development of antennas for various applications and Cognitive Radios. He has guided 16 PhD and 80 ME/MTech thesis. Dr Rajesh Khanna is widely published over 60 peer reviewed publication. His current H-Index is 8, according to SCOPUS bibliometrics (September 2017). He has completed projects worth 1.8 Crores.


  • Bsc(Engineering) in Electronics and Communication from Regional Engineering College Kurkshetra (First class with Honours)
  • ME(Electrical Communication) from Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore(First class with Distinction)
  • PhD Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


  1. Assistant Engineer (November 1988- April 1993) Hartron-IDDC, Ambala Cantt

    Nature of Work Design and development of various analog, digital and microprocessor based instruments for local industry and defence. Some of the projects developed were digital PH meter, digital washing machine controller, programmable temperature indicator cum controller etc.

  2. Assistant Station Engineer ( April 1993-September 1999) Selected through Indian Engineering Services as IB(E)S officer at ALL INDIA RADIO , JALLANDHAR

    Nature of Work Operation and Maintenance Transmitters at AIR Jallandhar along with administrative assignments. Installation of STL-05 Microwave link between studio and transmitters.Installation of Dynamic carrier controller (DCC) in 300 KW MW transmitters.Installation of new antenna tuning unit (ATU) for 1 KW transmitter. Installation of new 2x100 KW BEL, MW Transmitter of URDU service. Design of ATU for 2X100 KW MW transmitter. Field strength survey of various radio stations of Pakistan, mainly in the border areas of Punjab. Field strength survey of FM transmitter required for starting Paging services by AIR. In charge of up linking and broadcasting of Semifinal match between West Indies and Australia in 1996 Wills world cup Cricket match organized by India at Mohali.

  3. Assistant Professor (Sept 1999- May 2007) Thapar Uinversity Patiala

    Nature of work: Teaching UG and PG courses ,Research ,Administrative works, Organizing refresher courses

  4. Associate Professor ( May,2007-July 2010)

    Nature of work: Teaching UG and PG courses ,Research ,Administrative works, Organizing refresher courses

  5. Professor ( August 2010- Till Today)

    Nature of work: Teaching UG and PG courses ,Research ,Organizing refresher courses


  1. Design and development of digital PH meter

    It was a handheld PH meter used for measuring the alkanity or basicity of a solution. It was designed around a single IC7106. Room temperature compensation was also provided. This instrument was LCD based and operated on a single 9V battery.

  2. Design and development of digital washing Machine controller

    This instrument was used for driving the motor of a washing machine in forward and reverse directions. The time for which the machine was to run in forward direction was presettable from 1 to 15 minutes. A display was provided for this purpose. During the set interval of time the machine has to run for 15 seconds in forward direction and 15 seconds in reverse direction with 3 second stop interval in between. After the completion of set interval a buzzer was annunciated.

  3. Design and development of three phase motor protection system

    This instrument was designed to protect three phase motors form different unfavorable conditions like over voltage, under voltage, phase absence phase reversal and overload. Hystersis of +/- 10 volts was provided incase of under voltage over voltage and over load. The hystersis and voltage both were adjustable. A current transformer had been used to sense overloads. Various LEDs were provided on front panel to indicate the type of fault. In case of a occurrence of a fault a hooter became on.

  4. Design and development of freeness tester for paper industry

    In paper industry the pulp is mixed with water and the mixture is beaten for proper mixing. After beating, the content of water in pulp is required to be measured. This water content is measured in terms of freeness number. The instrument designed for this purpose measured the freeness number in terms of time taken by the beaten pulp to fill a known volume, after filtration. The range of this instrument was from 0 to 9.59 minutes. After completion of one cycle the water is automatically flused out using a solenoid vale.

  5. Design and development of Programmable temperature cum controller

    This instrument was a single channel K type thermocouple based temperature indictor cum controller. The temperature could be set between 0 to 12000 C. Both higher and lower limits could be set independently. The room temperature compensation was in built. This instrument was in big demand in industries requiring precision temperature control. This instrument got an accuracy of +/- 1 degree centigrade.

    Besides above I was associated with team of R&D catering to the industry. I had also given technical lectures in various courses organized by IDDC for industry and teachers of Engineering colleges and Polytechnics. I was also a team leader representing Hartron for continuous three years during International Trade Fair organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


  1. Installation of STL-05 Microwave link between studio and transmitters

    The transmitter and studios of All India Radio, Jallandhar are 33 Km apart. Earlier the telephone lines were used for sending programme from studios to transmitter. These lines generally failed during transmission so LOS microwave link was proposed. I installed the STL-05 (Studio Transmitter Link-5 Channels) between Jallandhar and Goraya. The complete installation was done under my guidance which includes calculation of tower height, complete alignment of dishes, tuning of the link etc.

  2. Installation of Dynamic carrier controller (DCC) in 300 KW MW transmitters.

    The DCC was deigned by R&D wing of All India radio and was supplied to all High power stations. This system designed for saving power consumption. I was made Installation officer of this project by Ministry. I successfully installed the DCC after which a 30 % saving in the monthly electricity bill was found.

  3. Installation of new 2x100 KW BEL, MW Transmitter of URDU service.

    This project was installed by me and a team of Chief Engineer (NZ). This transmitter was successfully made operational in 1998.

  4. Installation of new antenna tuning unit (ATU) for 1 KW transmitter.

    The antenna tuning unit of 1KW Vivid Bharti transmitter at AIR, Jallandhar was giving frequent problems. One of the capacitor was not available. So entire ATU was redesigned by me and put into use. This network was a L type network.

  5. Design of ATU for 2X100 KW MW transmitter

    The new transmitter installed in 1998 started giving problem in its ATU after 2-3 days of putting into operation. A capacitor was repeatedly getting failed. The problem was looked into and it was found that the 2X100 KW transmitter was picking up the signal of 873 KHz transmitter. As the 300KW transmitter (AIR Jallandhar) and 2X100 KW (URDU service Transmitter) both are collocated so 2X100 KW transmitter was picking up signal of 300 KW transmitter causing the capacitor to burn. This pickup was so strong that one was not able to touch the output circuit of 2X100 KW transmitters even when it was off. To reduce the pickup it was decieded to introduce a rejector circuit of 300 KW transmitter into ATU of 2X100 KW transmitter. This circuit was designed by me including the calculation of all capacitor values, their KVA rating etc were done by me. After putting the rejector circuit the rf pickup from 300 KW transmitter stopped.

PROJECTS COMPLETED AT Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology(1999-Till Today)

  1. Project IMPACT-SSS

    In this project there was reducing funding of 1.6 Lacs per year starting from an initial grant of 8.0 Lacs for five years. First year government will give 8.0 Lacs Second year 6.4 lacs, third year 4.8 Lacs and so on. Every year you have to make the grant equal to 8 lacs so for second year you have generate 1.6 Lacs third year 3.2 Lacs and so on. Funds were generated by organizing short term courses, assembly of computer and other activites.

    Project Cost: 48 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: MoCIT

  2. Spectrally efficient digital modulation techniques (2002-2004)

    In this project new digital formats were suggested which can improve the spectral efficiency of a communication systems. A spectrum analyser was purchased in this project.

    Project Cost: 4.5 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

  3. Modernization and removal of obsolescence in Microwave Communication Lab

    In this project the microwave lab was modernised with new microwave benches for under graduate teaching. Microwave components, microwave benches and a spectrum analyser was purchased under this project.

    Project Cost: 10 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

  4. Design of Antenna for DD1 and DD2(2006)

    This project was sponsored by DSIR under Technopreneur Promotion Programme. A single antenna for DD1 and DD2 was designed and implemented.

    Project Cost: 1.0 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: DSIR

  5. Simulation Studies on the Bit Error Rate Performance of Fractional Fourier Transform (FrFT) Based Optimum Beamformer/Combiner in Communication Systems (2007-2010)

    The objectives of this project were to find an optimum domain for proposed combiner in AWGN channel & Flat Faded channel, Simulation studies of optimal beam-former in terms of MSE in FrFT Domain and Simulation studies of optimal beam-former in terms of BER in FrFT Domain for Rayleigh fading channel for BPSK. The proposed FrFT based optimum beamformer/combiner was developed with many important advantages; main among them is improved MSE performance relative to the time and frequency domain beamforming algorithms. The performance of FrFT beamformer was evaluated based on SNR of input signal and MSE. The proposed algorithm was shown to be capable of handling moving (producing Doppler shift in communication) and accelerating sources (producing chirped signal in communication) effectively as compared to other frequency or time domain beamforming algorithms. In order to analyze the proposed new array signal processing algorithm statistical models for Rayleigh fading channel based on the characterization of different fading properties were considered

    Project Cost: 11.54 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: Naval Research Board

  6. FIST 2007(2007-12)

    In this project wireless communication lab was strengthened and instruments such as Vector Signal Generator and Analyser were added to the lab

    Project Cost: 30.66 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: DST

  7. FPGA implementation of Concatenation of LDPC and Space time codes for MIMO system(2009-12)

    In this project the performance of concatenated LDPC and Space time block codes for MIMO system in multipath fading environment was evaluated in terms of parameters like BER, BLER etc. Finally the project was implemented using FPGA based MIMO wireless kit

    Project Cost: 10.54 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: UGC

    Co-PI: Dr Surbhi Sharma

  8. Implementation of Concatenated channel codes and space time codes on SDR based system(2009-12)

    In this project the performance of Channel codes and Space time block codes for MIMO system in multipath fading environment was evaluated. Finally the project was implemented using Software Defined Radio system

    Project Cost: 10.00 Lakhs Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

    Co-PI: Dr Surbhi Sharma

  9. Development of advanced fractional Fourier Transform based algorithm for satellite image compression, encryption, digital water marking and image matching applications(2011-13)

    In this a software for the Fractional Transform for Image compression, Image Encryption, Digital water marking and image matching applications like image change detection. Usage of results with list of users: The results obtained from this project will be used by the AIPD for the compression , Encryption , Digital Water Marking and Image matching applications of satellite or airborne images. The lists of users are: AIPD/ SIPA

    Project Cost: 11.34 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: SAC, ISRO

    Co-PI: Dr Kulbir Singh

  10. Design and development of stacked patch microstrip antenna for WLAN applications(2012-15)

    In this project stacked patch antennas for WLAN applications were developed. Two papers were published in SCI journals. All testing was done in house.

    Project Cost: 15.44 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: UGC

    Co-PI: Dr Amanpreet Kaur

  11. Mordernisation of Wireless Communication Lab (2013-2014)

    In this project various kits for Wireless communication labs were purchased

    Project Cost: 12.00 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

  12. Design and development of stacked patch antennas and wial Applications (2013-14)

    In this project stacked patch antennas for heterogeneous networks were developed. Compact MSA for Different wireless bands were designed. Fractal MSA developed with small size (compared to conventional) for Wireless Applications. Multiple bands covered in a single antenna. Antennas posses a good gain and good range. Stacked MSA with Multiple resonant bands designed and developed for wireless bands

    Project Cost: 7.50 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

    Co-PI: Dr Amanpreet Kaur

  13. Modernisation of Communication Lab(2014-15)

    In this project various kits for digital communication labs were purchased.

    Project Cost: 10.00 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: AICTE

    Co-PI: Dr Surbhi Sharma

  14. Microstrip Antennas for next Generation Wireless Systems and MIMO wireless communication systems (2013-18)

    Project Cost: 61.00 Lakhs 

    Sponsoring Agency: UGC

    Co-PI: Dr Kulbir Singh and Dr Ankush Kansal

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  • Fellow IETE
  • Member IEEE
  • Member ISTE
  • Member Punjab Academy of Sciences

Publications and other Research Outputs

SCI Publications

  1. Amanpreet kaur,Rajesh khanna and Machavaram kartikeyan (2017), A multilayer dual wideband circularly polarized microstrip antenna with DGS for WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/Wi-Max/ IMT band applications, International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, Volume 9 / Issue 2 / January 2017

  2. Ajeet Pratap Singh,Rajesh Khanna,and Hardeep Singh(2017) UWB ANTENNA WITH DUAL NOTCHED BAND FOR WiMAX AND WLAN , Microwave and Optical Technology Letters ,Vol. 59, No. 4, April 2017, pp 792-796

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PhD Thesis Guided

  1. Surbhi Sharma(2012) Performance evaluation of concatenated channel codes and space time codes under fading channels
  2. J K Sharma(2013) Implementation and performance analysis of various techniques for snow cover monitoring in western Himalayas
  3. M K Rai(2014) Crosstalk analysis in Carbon Nano Tube based VLSI interconnects
  4. Ms Pooja(2014) Design and Analysis of Variable Digital Filters using Fractional Fourier Transform
  5. Mr Simranjit Singh(2014) Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Reception Schemes for Correlated MIMO System
  6. Mr Rajiv Chechi(2014) Quality of Service Based Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  7. Ms Jaswinder Kaur(2014) Multi-frequency Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
  8. Mr Nitin Saluja(2014) Design and implementation of multiband and broadband microstrip antennas for wireless systems
  9. Ms Kiran Ahuja(2014) Wireless Network Selection Algorithm for Multimedia Services in Heterogeneous Environment
  10. Mr Paras Chawla(2015) Performance analysis of frequency reconfigurable antenna using RF mems
  11. Mr Devinder Prakash(2015) Multiband Antenna Structures for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems with Improved performance
  12. Mr P K Khosla(2015) Design and Analysis of Velocimetry for Supersonic Sled System
  13. Mr Rajesh Mallik(2016) Gas Sensing Properties Of Nanostructured Tin/Zinc Oxide Thin Films
  14. Ms Amanpreet Kaur(2016) Investigations on Stacked Patch Antennas For WLAN Applications
  15. Ms Sukhdeep Kaur(2016) Compact UWB Antenna Design for Personal Area Network Wireless Applications
  16. Mr Mandar Karyekarte(2016) Energy Efficient Routing Strategy for Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks

Awards and Honours

  • Excellent Performance award at HARTRON
  • Best Maintained Station award at All India Radio, Jallandhar
  • Appreciation Letter from Chief Engineer (North Zone) All India Radio, New Delhi
  • Awarded DSP lab under Project IMPACT-SSS
  • Performance Incentive from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology Since 2007

Description of Research Interests

Dr Rajesh Khanna has interest in design, development of antennas for Homogenous and heterogeneous wireless networks. He has built up his own testing lab for testing of antennas. Professor Khanna’s also expertise in design and development of electronic instruments for industry. He can carry out the RF measurements of high power transmitters. Dr Khanna has interest in implementation of SDR based wireless communication systems and testing of various algorithms on these systems.