Mr. Himanshu Anand
Lecturer Contractual


Lecturer( Contract)


Power systems



Mr. Himanshu Anand is working with EIED Department, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala since 2019. He is pursuing his PhD degree in Power systems from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Her research interests include Unit commitment of electric power systems, optimization techniques and Integration of renewable energy resources.


  • Ph.D. Pursuing (TIET) in Power systems specialization in Electrical Engineering
  • M.E in Power systems, Thapar university, Patiala First class (8.25 CGPA)
  • B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering / Govt. S.B.S CET (P.T.U. Jalandhar) / First class (77.7%)

Experience: Total Teaching Experience 4 years 5 month

  • June 2014 to December 2015: Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, MEFGI Rajkot, Gujarat.
  • July 2016 to December 2017: Teaching Associate, EIED, TIET Patiala, Punjab.
  • January 2018 to August 2019: Lecturer (Non-Tenure), EIED, TIET Patiala, Punjab.
  • August 2019: Lecturer Contractual, EIED, TIET Patiala, Punjab.

Teaching Interests:

  • Power System Analysis & Simulation
  • Basic Electrical Engineering

Research Interest:

  • Unit commitment
  • Optimization techniques



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  2. H. Anand, N. Narang and J.S. Dhillon, “Multi-objective dual-mode combined heat and power unit commitment using particle swarm optimization” Energy, vol. 172, pp. 794–807, 2019. [SCI Impact Factor 5.5].
  3. H. Anand, N. Narang and J.S. Dhillon, “Unit Commitment Considering Dual-Mode Combined Heat and Power Generating Units using Integrated Optimization Technique” Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 171, pp. 984–1001, 2018. [SCI Impact Factor 7.1].

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