Completed Sponsored Projects

S.NO. Principal Investigator Co- Principal Investigator Project Title Duration Funding Agency Amount (Lakh)
1. Susheel Mittal Ritu Jindal R Verma Synthetic Inorganic Ion Exchangers as catalysts in Simple Organic Reactions 1995-1997 UGC 0.45
2. Susheel Mittal R P Garg Applications of Respirometry to Design and Operation of Waste Water Treatment Plant 1996-1999 UGC 3.35
3. Susheel Mittal   Synthesis,Characterisation Applications and Electro Chemical Studies of some Zr based Heteropoly Acid Salts 1997-2000 DST 7.0
4. Susheel Mittal Ashok Kumar SK Cost effective Conductometric method for Trace level determination of Rare earth Metal Ions 2009-2011 NRB (DRDO) 13.3
5. Susheel Mittal Ashok Kumar SK Some Amide Based Ionophores as Sensors For Some Transition Metal Ions 2006-2009 DST 12.0
6. Ravinder Agarwal EIED, TIET Susheel Mittal Impact of Aerosols and Gaseous Pollutants in Ambient Air on Physiological Parameters of Human Health due to Agriculture Crop-Residue Burning in and Around Patiala 2006-2010 DST 33.0
7. Susheel Mittal Dinesh Goyal Microbial Biosensors for Some Heavy Metal Ions 2007-2010 NRB (DRDO) 23.0
8. Susheel Mittal   Ion Selective Field Effect Transistors Based on Neutral Carrier Ionophores for Lanthanides 2009-2012 AICTE 9.0
9. Satnam Singh   Biphasic catalysis of some hydrogenation reactions in ionic liquids 2001-2004 AICTE 8.0
10. Satnam Singh   Products of Incomplete Combustion from Incineration of Hazardous Industrial Solid Waste 2002-2006 CSIR 11.0
11. Bonamali Pal   Preparation of core-shell structure of silica (SiO2)- coated Cadmium Sulphide (Cds) nanocomposites by size-selective guidance photoetching and study of photocatalytic organic syntheses reactions 2009-2012 DST 42.8
12. N. Tejo Prakash DBTES, TIET Ranjana Prakash Role of plant microbe interactions in volatilization of selenium from seleniferous soils 2004-2007 CSIR 9.9
13. Ranjana Prakash Amjad Ali Biodiesel generation through whole cell and enzyme catalyzed transesterification 2007-2008 DRDO 4.94
14. Ranjana Prakash Amjad Ali. Lipase catalyzed generation of Biodiesel from jathropa and used frying oils 2008-2010 UGC 1.0
15. N. Tejo Prakash DBTES, TIET Ranjana Prakash Studies on Se and its speciation in environmental and biological samples from seleniferous region of Punjab 2008-2011 BRNS 11.0
16. Amjad Ali   Synthesis and evaluation of multifunctional diesel fuel additives from vegetable oils 2007-2010 DST 18.7
17. Amjad Ali N. Tejo Prakash DBTES,TIET Biodiesel preparation from low quality feed stock using immobilized biocatalyst 2009-2010 DRDO 5.0
18. Moushumi Ghosh DBTES, TIET Manmohan Chhibber Technology Development of Novel Biopolymers for Potable Water Treatment 2008-2011 DST 22.9
19. Satnam Singh   Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons in tea and coffee 2010-2013 UGC 8.0
20. Satnam Singh Amjad Ali Heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production 2010-2013 CSIR 15.0
21. Dr. N. TejoPrakash Dr.RanjanaPrakash Molecular mechanism of selenium reduction by microorganisms and its application to development of selenium recovery systems 2011-2013 DST-JSPS India 4.9
22. Rajesh Kumar   The Kinetics and Mechanism of Iron Release from Transferrins 2010-2013 DST 18.2
23. Kamaldeep Paul   Hybrids of Substituted Benzimidazole and Quinazoline /purine/pyrazolo pyrimidine analogous as Antituberculosis and Antimalarial activity. 2012-2013 CSIR 5.5