Courses offered

Courses to Be Offered to Post Graduate Students

S.No. Course No Course Name Year Status
1 PHU-301 Entrepreneurship and IPR M.Sc./M Tech- Biotech Core Course
2 PHU- 302 Personality Development and Communication MCA Core Course
3 PHU- 304 Professional Communication M.Sc. Chem., M.Sc. Physics, M. Sc. Mathematics Core Course
4 PHU- 305 Principles of Management MCA Elective
5 PHU- 306 Ethics, CSR and Society MCA Elective
6 PHU- 307 E- Business MCA Elective
7 PHU- 308 Global Business Environment MCA Elective

Courses to Be Offered to Undergraduate students

S.No. Course No Course Name Year Status
1 UHU-001 Business and Technical Communication BE I Yr Core Course
2 UHU-031 Organizational Behavior BE II Yr Elective
3 UHU-032 Human Values, Human Rights and IPR BE II Yr Core Course
4 UHU-081 Engineering Economics B.E II & III Yr Elective
5 UHU-033 Entrepreneurship and Quality Management B.E II Yr & BE III Yr Elective