Message from head

Yatha sikha Mayuranam Naganam manayo yatha

Tadvat Vedanga sasthranam Ganitam murdhani sthitam

(Similar to a plumage on the head of a peacock, Gem/jewel on the head of a serpent, the subject mathematics occupies thehighest prominent place at the top among of all the vedanga sastras)

A Brief introduction to school of mathematics (SoM)

The school of mathematics (SoM) was established as an independent entity in 2015 to promote teaching and research in mathematical sciences at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. Prior to 2015, SoM was a part of School of Mathematics and Computer Applications which came to existence in the year 2002 when a major academic restructuring of different schools and departments took place at the institute. Our growth has been stimulated by mathematics and statistics being vitally important disciplines that underpin a vast range of human endeavours, and with the increasing qualification and the digitisation of the world they are set become even more important.

Our school offers M.Sc. (Mathematics and computing), Ph.D. and postdoc programmes. Besides this the school also offers several mathematics courses to B.E., M.E., M.Tech. and MCA students. SoM is committed to provide a quality teaching with modern infrastructure and syllabus. The faculty of the school is highly qualified and distinguished with world class research to its credit. The school has a growing list of SCI publications and citations. Several faculty members are working on sponsored research projects such as those sponsored by DST, CSIR, NBHM, UGC. The school has collaborative research ties with different organisations inside and outside India.

We try to uphold highest standards of integrity in all our actions and envisage to make the world a better place to live by our mathematical efforts.