On Going Sponsored Projects

S.NO. Principal Investigator Co- Principal Investigator Project Title Duration Funding Agency Amount (Lakh)
Susheel Mittal ManmohanChhibber SCBC, TIET Design and Development of Diphenylether based Supramolecules for Electroanalytical Probes 2012-2015 BRNS (DAE) 22.8
2. Susheel Mittal RavinderAgarwal EIED, TIET A.ChanderRGMC Particulate matter dose relationship with lung function efficiency of children during agriculturalcrop residue burning episodes 2012-2015 ICMR 40.0
3. Bonamali Pal   Size and shape dependent photocatalyticactivity of silica-coated metal (M)-Zincsulfide (ZnS) nanocomposites fornitroaromoatcs reduction 2012-2015 UGC 14.1
4. Dr.RanjanaPrakash   Fungus mediated biodiesel generation from waste edible oils 2012-2015 CSIR 18.0
5. Dr.RanjanaPrakash   Strain improvement of Aspergillussp. for enhanced trans esterification of waste cooking and non-edible oils using induced mutation by ? irradiation 2011-2014 BRNS 21.2
6. Amjad Ali   Zirconia supported solid catalyst for simultaneous transesterification and esterification of high free fatty acid containing triglycerides 2011-2014 CSIR 14.0
7. Amjad Ali   Alkali metal supported transition metal oxides as solid catalyst for the transesterification of jatropha and karanja oils 2012-2014 DRDO 19.0
8. ManmohanChhibber   Synthesis and characterization ofdiphenyl ether/analogues for theirantibacterial activity 2012-2015 UGC 6.2
9. Rajesh Kumar   Sugars and salts-induced folding and stabilization of base-denatured horse cytochrome c 2012-2014 ICMR 31 Approved
10. Rajesh Kumar   pH-Dependent stability and microsecondfoldingkinetics of horse ferrocytochrome-C. 2012-2015 UGC 11.4
11. Rajesh Kumar   Kinetic and thermodynamics studies on the effect of chaotropic and kosmotropic coslovents on horse ferrocytochrome c 2011-2014 CSIR 21.3
12. Kamaldeep Paul   Coupling of Substituted Quinazoline /Xanthine and Purine/Pyrimidine/ Benzimidazole : A Novel Scaffold for Kinase Inhibitors 2012-2015 UGC 11.08
13. Kamaldeep Paul Vijay Luxami SCBC, TIET Heterocyclic Substituted Quinazoline and Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine Derivatives: Novel Scaffold for Aurora Kinase Inhibitors 2012-2015 CSIR 21.5
14. Kamaldeep Paul   Novel Scaffolds of P-glycoprotein Modulators to Overcome Multidrug Resistance in Cancer cells 2011-2014 DST 22.0
15. SatyendraKPandey   The Total Synthesis of the Antimalarial Natural Products, Flinderoles 3 Years DST Accepted
16. Vijay Luxami   ESIPT based Chromophores: Applications for Sensing and White light emitting devices 2012-2017 DST 35.0
17. Vijay Luxami   Heterocycles based FRET- dyads for Chemionics and Bioionics 2011-2014 DST 27.0