Ongoing Sponsored Projects

List of ongoing sponsored R & D projects

Sr. No. Name of Principal Investigator & Co-Investigator Name of the research project Amount sanctioned (in Lakh Rs.) Name of funding agency Year of sanction / Duration
1 Dr. O.P. Pandey Study of alkali metal oxide containing calcium silicate glasses as substrate for solar cell application 23.7 DST 2017
2 Dr. O.P. Pandey Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum carbide nanoparticles for electrochemical applications 17.7 UGC, DAE, CRS 2018
3 Dr. Dwijendra Pratap Singh & Dr. O.P. Pandey Development of transition metal oxide decorated graphene - polypyrole nanocomposites as Radar absorbing materials 9.91 DMSRDE, DRDO 2016-2017
4 Dr. Dwijendra Pratap Singh Development of PVDF-(Ba, Sr) TiO3 nanocomposites based capacitor grade film for high energy density applications 25.21 TBRL, DRDO 2017-2019
5 Dr. B.N.Chudasama Development of Magnetic Therapeutic Agents for Thhermo-Chemotherapy of Cancer 48.78 DST 2018-2021
6 Dr. Manoj Sharma Exploring the incomplete processes and features which effect the same 20 CSIR 2015-2018
7 Dr. Manoj Sharma Decay analysis of light particle induced reactions and related structural effects 17.8 DST 2016-2019
8 Dr. P.Uniyal Lead free relaxor ferroelectric ceramics for Electrocaloric applications 39.4 CSIR 2017-2020
9 Dr. O.P. Pandey Utilization of sea beach minerals for development of high performance Aluminium matrix composites 16.97 CSIR 2018-2021
10 Dr. Puneet Sharma Development of exchange coupled hard/ soft ferrite nanocomposites for tunable microwave application 21.56 CSIR 2018-2021
11 Dr. Puneet Sharma and Joyant Kolte Development of non-lead based magneto-electric nanocomposite films with high magneto-electric coupling 35.30 DRDO 2018-2021
12 Dr. Amjad Ali Dr. B.N.Chudasama Magnetic core supported heterogeneous catalysts for the glycerol carbon synthesis 19.6 CSIR 2018-2021
13 Dr. Raj Kumar Fusion-fission dynamics in low energy heavy ion reactions 27.28 DST 2016