Ongoing Sponsored Projects

List of ongoing sponsored projects

Sr.No Name of the Project Year of Sanction Funding Agency Project Cost (Lacs) Principal Investigator
1. Structural and electro-optical investigations on lyotropic liquid crystalline materials and their uses as soft template 2011-2014 DST 33.06 K..K. Raina
2. Electrical and Opto-Electronic Investigations of Polymer-Low Molar Mass Liquid Crystal Composites For Display Applications 2012-2015 UGC 11.79 K. K. Raina
3. Synthesis of oxide layer coated ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles and their applications in dye sensitized solar cells 2011- 2014 UGC 4.70 N. K. Verma
4. Synthesis and characterization of transition metal doped CdSe dilute magnetic nanoparticles 2010-2013 DRDO 16.49 N. K. Verma
5. Study of Size-dependent multiferroics properties of doped BiFeO3 nanostructures 2013-2016 BRNS 24.14 N. K. Verma
6. Synthesis of nano tungsten carbide powder from wolframite ore 2010-2013 DST, New Delhi 33.0 O.P. Pandey & Kulvir Singh
7. Effect of Capping Agents on the size and Stability of Core-Shell ZnS Nanostructures 2011-2014 DRDO, New Delhi 13.92 O.P. Pandey
8. Corrosion Resistant behavior of Glass –steel interface 2011-2014 UGC, New-Delhi 9.25 O.P. Pandey & Kulvir Singh
9. Strengthening of PG Research Infrastructure 2011-2014 UGC, New-Delhi 20.0 O.P. Pandey
10. Study of La doped mixed conductor for solid electrolyte 2012-2015 DST, New Delhi, 34.5 Kulvir Singh O.P. Pandey
11. Study of Alkaline earth metals substitution in Bi based mixed ion conductor for solid oxide fuel cell application 2012-2015 DRDO, New Delhi 14.42 Kulvir Singh O.P. Pandey
12. Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium Carbide Nanoparticles 2012-2015 UGC, DAE, CRS, Indore 7.34 Kulvir Singh O.P. Pandey
13. Development of porous aluminum foam materials for blast mitigation 2012-2015 DRDO (ARMREB) 17.24 O.P. Pandey
14. Synthesis of WC nanopowder through thermo-chemical reduction and its application for the development of WC-Co composites 2010- 2013 DST 27 O.P.Pandey
15. Tungsten carbide powder from Wolframite Ore Synthesis 2010- 2013 DST 33 O.P.Pandey
16. corrosion resistance behavior of glass steel interface 2011- 2014 UGC 9.03 O.P.Pandey
17. Study of lanthanum doped Mixed conductors for solid ectrolytes 2012-2015 DST 38 O.P.Pandey
18. Study of alkaline earth metals doped bismuth based mixed ionic conductors for solid oxide fuel cells applications 2012-2015 DRDO 14.42 O.P.Pandey
19. Cluster decay and fusion fission dynamics at low energies 2010-2013 CSIR 13 Manoj Kumar
20. Nuclear reaction dynamics and related aspects at low energies (E<15MeV/A) 2012-2015 DST 12.50 Manoj Kumar
21. Formation and decay of exotic nuclear systems using Energy density formalism 2012-2015 UGC 12.67 Manoj Kumar
22. Isospin effects on flow and related phenomena in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions 2011-2014 UGC 6.09 Suneel Kumar
23. The quest for the nuclear equation of state in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions 2011-2014 DST 14.25 Suneel Kumar
24. Theoretical study of heavy ion dynamics at superconducting cyclotron (K500-SCC) energies at VECC. 2012-2015 DAE 14.58 Suneel Kumar
25. Influence of isospin degree of freedom on disappearance of directed and elliptical flow in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions 2012-2015 CSIR 11.82 Suneel Kumar
26. Preparation and Characterization of Barium Hexaferrite (BaFe12O19) thick films for micro/millimeter wave device application 2011-2014 UGC 10 Puneet Sharma
27. Preparation and Characterization and BiFe2O4/AFe2O4 nanocomposite Thin films 2013-2016 CSIR 16 Puneet Sharma
28. Nanoengineering of magnetic carriers for drug delivery of anticancer therapeutics 2012-2015 DST 27.10 B. N. Chudasama
29. Magnetic Fluid based coolant to enhance thermal and dielectric properties of transformer oil 2012-2015 CSIR 20.25 B. N. Chudasama
30. Studies of antimicrobial properties of metal and metal oxide nanostructures 2013-2016 UGC 13.75 B. N. Chudasama
31. Determination of Neel temperature of ferritin 2011-2014 UGC 3.675 S. D. Tiwari
32. Study of heavy light D and B mesons 2012-2015 UGC 9.9 Alka Upadhyay
33. Synthesis of BiiFeO3-K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 thin films for device applications 2013 -2016 UGC 13.92 Poonam Uniyal
34. Moving And Colliding Cavity Solitons and Cavity Soliton Molecules 2012-2015 UGC-BSR 6.00 Soumendu Jana
35. Growth and surface characterization of chemical bath deposited PbS and CdS thin films 2013-2014 Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology , Patiala 1.00 Bhaskar Chandra Mohanty