PHD Completed

Sr. No Name of student Name (s) of Supervisor Title of the Ph.D.
1 Amandeep S. Sethi Dr Ravi Kiran Flexible management of technology adoption and adaptation in manufacturing industry
    Dr J.S..Khamba  
    Dr Sushil  
2 Jaspreet S. Oberoi Dr Ravi Kiran Impact of new technology and sourcing practices in managing manufacturing flexibilities
    Dr J.S..Khamba  
    Dr Sushil  
3 Simerpreet Ahuja Dr Santha Kumari Impact of extended video stimulation on cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes in preadolescents.
4 Reeta Raina Dr Paramjit Tulsi Organisational communication in automotive industry
5 Nirmal Jeet Singh Kalsi Dr. (Ms.) Ravi Kiran Information and Communication Technology – a strategic policy framework for good governance in the state of Punjab.
    Dr S. C. Vaidya  
6 Khushdeep Kumar Dharni Dr. (Mrs.) Ravi Kiran Computer based information systems (CBIS) in the manufacturing sector: a study of procurement, implementation, use and evaluation.
    Dr R. K. Sharma  
7 Anupam Sharma Dr. (Mrs.) Ravi Kiran Internet audience attitude with reference to Punjab
    Dr. K.C.Mittal  
8 Manpreet Kaur Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Dr. Inderjeet Singh New policy regime and adjustment process of manufacturing sector in Punjab.
9 Sunita Mishra Dr. (Mrs.) Ravi Kiran Post TRIPS patenting regime north west region: changing pragmatics, perspectives and pragmatics.
10 Nidhi Walia Dr Ravi Kiran Financial Engineering: A strategic framework for financial innovation in mutual funds with reference to North west India
11 Vijay Jain Dr Ravi Kiran Technology management strategies for global competitiveness: A post TRIPS study of small and medium manufacturing enterprises of Punjab
12 Parul Dharmani Agarwal Dr Ravi Kiran Enhancing research, curriculum development and alumni contributions in selected institutions of higher technical education (IHTE): Development of a framework using knowledge management
    Dr Anil K. Verma  
13 Deepika Dr Ravi Kiran Consumer preferences of emerging retail formats in India
14 Shivani Dr Ravi Kiran Designing a framework for ERP implementation in Higher Technical Institutes
    Dr Deepak Garg  
15 Anupam Sharma Dr Ravi Kiran A strategic framework for corporate social responsibility practices: A study of north-west region of India
16 Rahul Hakku Dr Ravi Kiran Development of a Model for Marketing Information System (MkIS) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) In Punjab
    Dr DP Goyal