1) On-Going Research Projects

S.No Principal investigator Title of project Amount (lacs) Funding agency
1. Dr. A. K. Lal Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis of Industrial Process 09.085 UGC
2. Dr. M. K. Sharma Algorithms for solving some single and multi-criteria decision making problems in Fuzzy environment 10.01 UGC
3. Dr. Amit Kumar Algorithms for solving some fuzzy network flow problems 10.068 U.G.C
4. Dr. Jatinderdeep Kaur


Dr. S. S. Bhatia

L-1 convergence of trigonometric series 09.72 UGC
5. Dr. Deepak Gumber Automorphisms of finite p-groups 60. 00 UGC
6. Dr. Sapna Sharma Higher order Discontinuous Galerkin method for unsteady incompressible navier stokes equation: Analysis and simulation 13.32 DST
7. Dr. Paramjeet Singh Finite volume approximations of conservation laws arising in neuronal varibality 03.26 TIET, Patiala
8. Dr. Harish Garg Integrated Behavior and Performance Analysis of Some Industrial Systems 04.20 TIET, Patiala
9. Dr. Sanjeev Construction of some new iterative methods for non- linear equations 05.00 TIET, Patiala
10. Dr. Deepak Gumber Non – linear and class preserving auto-morphisms of finite p-groups 10.11 NBHM DAE
11. Dr. Vikas Non – smooth minmax fractional programming problem 03.00 TIET, Patiala
12. Dr. Meenakshi Rana On q-series Split n-colour partitions and F-partitions 05.43 CSIR
13. Dr. Meenakshi Rana On Combinatorics of q-series, Rogers- Ramanujan type identities and split n-color partitions 05.33 NBHM
14. Dr. Deepak Kumar Gumber Divisibility Conjecture and Existence of Non-Linear Automorphisms of order p for Non-Abelian Finite p-Groups 20.56 SERB, DST
15. Dr. A.K. Lal and Dr. Ankush Pathania Mathematical modeling of anharmonic pulsation of rotationally and tidally distorted variable stars 14.00 CSIR
16. Dr. Parimita Roy Extinction risk analysis: An approach to preserve endangered species 13.05 SERB
17. Dr. Sumit Chandok Some fixed point problems in Abstract Spaces with Applications 02.30 TIET, Patiala
18. Dr. Hemant Kalra Finite p-groups with central automorphism group of minimal order 02.20 TIET, Patiala
19. Dr. Sapna Sharma Modelling and simulation of traffic flow through lattice hydro dynamics approach 02.30 TIET, Patiala
20. Dr. Raj Nandkeolyar Numerical study of MHD nanofluid flow in the presence of induced magnetic field 03.60 TIET, Patiala
21. Dr. Kavita Applications of wavelets in uncertainty quantification 02.40 TIET, Patiala

2) Completed Research Projects

S.No Name of project Year Funding Agency Project cost (lacs) Principal investigator/Co-PI
Mathematical Modeling of Structures and Oscillations of stellar Systems in the Rotating Frame of Reference 2003 UGC 3.58 Dr. A.K.Lal
Numerical Analysis of Structures and Oscillations of Rotating Stars 2006 UGC 0.90 Dr. A.K.Lal and Dr. M.K.Sharma
Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) analysis of industrial process 2009 UGC 9.80 Dr. A.K.Lal and Dr.S.S. Bhatia