Research Projects (Last Five Years): Sponsored Research Projects: Ongoing

S.No Project Title Funding Agency Year PI
1. Neuroprotective properties of selenoergothioneine sourced from selenium-rich mushrooms against oxidative stress and nitrosative damage in neuronal cells DBT 2012-14 N.Tejo Prakash
2 Studies on anti-inflammatory responses as function of bioavailable selenium from selenium-rich cereal grains CSIR 2012-15 N.Tejo Prakash
3 Biofortification of selenium in edible mushrooms from Se-rich crop residues DBT 2013-15 N.Tejo Prakash
4 Strain improvement of Aspergillus sp. for enhanced transesterification of waste cooking and non-edible oils using induced mutation by ?irradiation BRNS 2011-14 N.Tejo Prakash (Co-PI)
5 Fungus mediated biodiesel generation from waste edible oils CSIR 2012-15 N.Tejo Prakash (Co-PI)
6 Influence of bacteria on compressive strength and permeability of fly ash concrete UGC 2012-14 Dr. Anita Rajor
7 Utilization of cement kiln dust in concrete after removal of alkalinity and metal toxicity with microbes DST 2012-14 Dr. Anita Rajor (Co-PI)
8 Utilization of Fungal treated waste foundry sand concrete CSIR 2011-14 Dr. Anita Rajor (Co-PI)

Sponsored Research Projects: Completed

S.No Project Title Funding Agency Year PI
1. Studies on Selenium and its speciation in environmental and biological samples from seleniferous region of Punjab BRNS 2008-12 N.Tejo Prakash
2. Satluj River Monitoring Program and STPs monitoring under the Satluj River Action Plan National Directorate of River Conservation 2001-13 A.S.Reddy
2 Selenium mobilization from waste agricultural residues UGC-SAP 2007-12 N.Tejo Prakash
3 Molecular mechanism of selenium reduction by microorganisms and its application to development of selenium recovery systems DST-JSPS 2011-13 N.Tejo Prakash
4 Biodiesel preparation from low quality feed stock using immobilized biocatalyst DRDO 2008-09 N.Tejo Prakash (Co-PI)
5 Study of arsenic and selenium using NAA UGC-DAE 2007-10 N.Tejo Prakash (Co-PI)
6 A Development of biodegradable polymeric blends for packaging applications AICTE 2008-11 Dr. Anita Rajor
7 Studies on Biodegradation of Plastics Thapar Univ., Patiala 2008-09 Dr. Anita Rajor
8 Sonophotocatalytic treatment of wastewater From pharma Industry UGC 2007-08 Anoop Verma
9 Sonophotocatalytic treatment of pesticides over TiO2photocatalyst using immersion well reactor DRDO 2010-11 Anoop Verma
10 Fluidized bed catalytic reactor for the Degradation of Pharmaceutical active compounds (PAH) using batch reactor IEI 2012-13 Anoop Verma
11 Demineralization studies of pesticides using Advanced Oxidation Processes AICTE 2007-09 Anoop Verma (Co-PI)