Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Research Projects- Completed

S.No. Name of the Project Duration Funding(Agency) Project Cost( Lacs) Principal (Investigator)
1 Growth and Performance of Punjab Manufacturing: Completed 2005-08 UGC 4.53 Dr (Ms) Ravi Kiran
2 Technology, Employment and Productivity in Engineering Industries- A Case Study of Punjab: Completed 2008-09 TIET 5 Dr (Ms) Ravi Kiran
3 A Post TRIPS Analysis of Emerging IPR Strategies of Small and Medium Pharmaceutical Firms in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh: Completed 2010- 12 AICTE 6.9 Dr (Ms) Ravi Kiran
4. Personal and Familial Handed ness and performance on spatial abilityTasksRefNo.SP/YS/MO5/88) 1990-92 DST -- Santha Kumari,K,
5. Masculinity- Femininity: A life span developmental approach (Ref.No1-55/95 RP-II). 1994-95 ICSSR -- Santha Kumari,K.
6. Educational implications of sex and age differences in spatial ability and hemispheric specialization(Ref.No.F5-94/95). 1996-98 UGC -- Santha Kumari,K.
7. Accuracy in arm positioning as a function of handedness and time sense(minor Project) 1996-97 UGC -- Santha Kumari,k.
8. Hemispheric specialization for motor skills: Effect lateralization, handedness and sex. (Ref No. SP/SO/BO8/97) 1997-99 DST -- Santha Kumari,K.
9. Speed of information processing , intelligence and creativity(minor project ) 2000-2001 UGC -- Santha Kumari,K
10. Time course in Stroop effect: An experimental investigation in cognitive microgenesis(Ref. No.SP/SO/B38/2000) 2001-2003 DST -- George Kurian,Santha Kumari,K.
11. Effects of extended video stimulation on visual cognition(Ref.No.SP/SO/B48/2001) 2004-2006 DST -- Santha Kumari

Sponsored Research Projects- Ongoing

S.No. Name of the Project Duration Funding(Agency) Project Cost( Lacs) Principal (Investigator)
1. A Strategic Framework for Emerging Retail Formats: Ongoing 2012-14 UGC 4.73 Dr Ravi Kiran
2. A Strategic Framework for Enhancing Technology Adoption and Management Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Sector 2013-2015 ICSSR 5 Dr Ravi Kiran
3. An Experimental Investigation of the Psychological determinants of Financial decision making: A prospect theory approach 2013-2014 ICSSR 7 Dr Santha Kumari

Project approved under SEED Grant Scheme, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology , Patiala

S.No. Name of the Project Duration Project Cost( Lacs) Principal (Investigator)
1 A Study on the Impact of Technology Up-gradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) in Woollen knitwear CLUSTER of LUDHIANA (Punjab) 2014-16 4.1 Dr. Harish Kumar Singla
2 Financial Performance Characteristics of selected BSE Listed Real Estate companies 2014-15 1 Dr R.K. Sharma