Sponsored Projects

Principal Investigator(s) Title Duration Funding Agency Amount (Lacs)
Dr. N. K. Verma Dr. S. K. Chakarvatri Synthesis, Characterization & Application of ChalcogenideNanomicro Structures 2006-09 DST 23.28
Dr. N. K. Verma Fabrication of CdS Nanowires and their Characterization 2006-09 DRDO 14.50
Dr. K. K. Raina Study of the influence of Carbon Nano-tubes on the memory and electro-optic switching Behaviour of Ferro electric liquid crystals 2007-10 DRDO 15.30
Dr. O. P. Pandey Dr. Kulbir Singh Development of High Performance Conventional Bearing Materials by Spray Deposition Technique 2006-09 CSIR 19.94
Dr. O. P. Pandey M.Tech. (Material Science) with Specialisation in Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials 2007-10 UGC 40.00
Dr. O. P. Pandey Preparation of Strontium Hexa Ferrite powder from celestite ore and blue dust 2007-10 Ministery of Mines 18.00
Dr. Kulbir Singh Dr. O.P. Pandey Development of sealant Materials forsolid oxide fuel cells 2006-09 DST 24.00
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Role of Nuclear Structure in Oriented heavy ion Collisions 2006-09 UGC 5.20
Dr. Suneel Kumar Isopin dependenceof Nuclear equation of State and Multifragmentation 2006-09 CSIR 8.55
Dr. O. P. Pandey MODROBS 2008-10 AICTE 8.00
Dr. O. P. Pandey Synthesis and characterization of aluminum metal matrix functionally graded armour materials reinforced with zircon sand 2009-12 DRDO 20.00
Dr. Suneel Kumar Influenceof Nucleon – Nucleon Collision on Multifragmenation& Nuclear Flow 2009-12 DST 5.70
Dr. Kulvir Singh Dr. O. P. Pandey Preparation & characterization of La1-x AxMO3-d and Y1-x AxMO3-d (A= Ca, Sr; M= Ti, Nb) interconnect materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2009-12 UGC 4.80
Dr. O. P. Pandey Strengthening of Infrastructure of Research at P.G. Level 2008-09 UGC 10.00
Dr. O. P. Pandey Dr. Kulbir Singh Development of Wear Resistant Light Weight Composites by Spray Deposition Technique 2009-12 AICTE 9.00

Gross Amount of Current projects =5.84 crore.