Dr. Apurva Bakshi
Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Marketing Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Human Values and Ethics, Professional Communication



Contact No.: 9888211770

Designation and subject taught.

Assistant Professor

  • Human Values, Ethics and IPR; Professional Communication

Publications and other Research Outputs


  • Apurva Bakshi and Dr. Ravi Kiran, State of Copyright in Indian Cinema: Why Barfi symbolizes all that’s wrong with Bollywood, Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, Volume 4 Number 4 Pages 310-321 (2014)
  • Apurva Bakshi and Dr. Ravi Kiran, Copyright Violations, ‘Inspirations’ and Adaptation in Indian Films: A Case for Cinema as Visual Anthropology?, Anthropologist, Volume 18(1): Pages 211-216 (2014)


  • Apurva Bakshi and Dr. Ravi Kiran, Coping with copying: Copyright Violations in Literary Works and Films, Language in India, Volume 14: Page 1-9 (2014)
  • Apurva Bakshi, Decoding the Source Code of Language: Etymological Premises in the English Language, Language in India, Vol. 12, June, 2012.
  • Apurva Bakshi, “Deciphering the Nature of Copyright: An Exploration of Indian Copyright Law”, Research Link Journal, Vol. XI (4), June, 2012.

Awards and Honours

Received the Best Paper Prize for research paper entitled “Community Entrepreneurship Model of the Mumbai Dabbawallas: A Case Study”, presented at Sixth International Conference of ABEAI, Ko Olina, Hawaii (USA), Nov. 16-18, 2009.

Description of Research Interests

PhD in the area of Intellectual Property Rights. Worked on Copyrights in the Indian Film industry. Extremely passionate about research on creativity and the creative industries, especially the film industry. Other key areas of research include Marketing Management, Business Ethics and Professional Communication.