Dr. Raj Kumar Das
Assistant Professor (Contractual)


Assistant Professor (Contractual)





Research Interests/Specialization:

Supramolecular Chemistry, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Electrochemistry, Energy Conversion and Storage

Education and Training:

  • September, 2016-July, 2017: Research Associate: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata.
  • June, 2016-August, 2016: Visiting Scientist: Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar.
  • May, 2012-February, 2016: Post-doctoral Fellow, Stellenbosch University South Africa.
  • 2006-20012: Ph.D.; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
  • 2003-2005: M.Sc. (2 Year) Chemistry; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
  • 2000-2003: B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry; University of Calcutta, Kolkata.

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Professional Affiliations:

  • Assistant Professor (Contractual) (July Year – Present) :-
    School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
  • Assistant Professor (August 2017 – May 2018) :-
    Department of Chemistry, Akal University, Talwandi Sabo

Teaching Activities:

  • M.Sc. (Chemistry), SCBC, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology:
    PBC 442: Biocatalysis (January-May 2019)
    PCY 307: Catalysis and Reagents (July-December 2018)
  • B.E./B.Tech., Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology:
    UCB 008: Applied Chemistry (January-May 2019); Tutorials & Practicals
  • UCB 008: Applied Chemistry (July-December 2018)Tutorials & Practicals •
  • M.Sc. (Chemistry), Department of Chemistry, Akal University Talwandi Sabo:
    CHM04C402: Supramolecular Chemistry (January-May 2018)
  • CHM04E401: Biochemistry (January-May 2018) (January-May 2018))
    CHM04L401: Organic Quantitatiove Estimation Lab (January-May 2018))
    CHM04K301: Organometallic Chemistry (August-December 2017)) •
  • B.Sc.(Hons.) (Chemistry), Department of Chemistry, Akal University Talwandi Sabo:
    CHM05C301: Inorganic Chemistry II: s and p Block Chemistry (August-December 2017)

CHM05C501: Inorganic Chemistry IV: Organometallic Chemistry and Inorganic Reaction Mechanism) (August-December 2017)
CHM05C401: Inorganic Chemistry III: Coordination Chemistry (January-May 2018))

List of Publications (SCI Journals):

  • 1. Mössbauer and Magnetic Studies of MFe2O4 (M = Co, Ni) Nanoparticles. N. S. Gajbhiye, S. Bhattacharyya, G. Balaji, R. S. Ningthoujam, R. K. Das, S. Basak and J. Weissmüller, Hyperfine Interact. 2005, 165, 153.
  • 2. Domino Imino-Aldol−Aza-Michael Reaction: One-Pot Diastereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of Piperidines, M. K Ghorai, S. Halder and R. K. Das, J. Org. Chem. 2010, 75, 7061 (Feature Article).
  • 3. Direct Crystallographic Observation of Catalytic Reactions inside the Pores of a Flexible Coordination Polymer, R. K. Das, A. Aijaz, M. K. Sharma, P. Lama and P. K. Bharadwaj, Chem Eur. J, 2012, 18, 6866.
  • 4. A Combined Stretching–tilting Mechanism Produces Negative, Zero and Positive Linear Thermal Expansion in a Semi-flexible Cd (II)-MOF, P. Lama, R. K. Das, V. J. Smith, L. J. Barbour, Chem. Commun. 2014, 50, 6464.
  • 5. Isolation of a Structural Intermediate During Switching of Degree of Interpenetration in a Metal-Organic Framework, H. Aggarwal, R. K. Das, P. M. Bhatt, L. J. Barbour, Chem. Sci. 2015, 6, 4986.
  • 6. Anomalous Anisotropic Thermal Expansion in a One Dimensional Coordination Polymer Driven by Conformational Flexibility, R. K. Das, H. Aggarwal, L. J. Barbour, Inorg. Chem., 2015, 54, 8171.
  • 7. Hydration Dependent Anomalous Thermal Expansion Behaviour in a Coordination Polymer, P. Lama, L. O. Alimi, R. K. Das, L. J. Barbour, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 3231.
  • 8. A Five-fold Interpenetrated Metal-organic Framework Showing Large Variation in Thermal Expansion Behaviour Owing to Dramatic Structural Transformation upon Dehydration-rehydration, H. Aggarwal#, R. K. Das#, E. R. Engel and L. J. Barbour, Chem. Commun., 2017, 53, 861. (# equal contribution)

List of Publications (Non-SCI Journals):

  • NA.

Oral and Poster Presentations:

  • 2016: Poster; The Eighteenth National Symposium of the Chemical Research Society of India. Feb. 5-7, 2016, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.
  • 2015: Oral; 1st Porous Molecular Solids (POMOS) Meeting, Apr. 7-10, 2015, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
  • 2012: Poster; INDABA 7 (Insights from Structure) Sept.2-7, 2012, Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa.
  • 2011: Third Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ACCC-3), Oct. 17-20, 2011, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.
  • 2011: Poster; The Thirteenth National Symposium of the Chemical Research Society of India. Feb. 4-6, 2011, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, India.


  • 2016: UGC DS Kothari Fellowship
  • 2005: Qualified CSIR-JRF+LS in National Eligibility Test (NET) in Chemical Sciences.
  • 2005: Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) in Chemistry with percentile 99.47 and All India Rank 18 out of 3583 candidates.