Dr. Surinder Kaur
Visiting Professor


Visiting Professor


Clinical Psychology



List of papers/publication


  • 1. Kaur. S, Prakash,R , “Concept of Psychological Disorders and their Cure in Yoga Darsana” Presented at 3rd Biennial International Conference July 28-30,2000 at Stevens Institute of Technology. New Jersey 07030,USA.


  • Singh G & Kaur. S (1988). Percepto-cognitive Abilities and performance in two groups of successful Ab-initio flying trainees. Indian Journal of aerospace medicine
  • Singh G & Kaur. S (1992): Comparative Analysis of MMPI profile in in two groups of successful Ab-initio flying trainees. Indian Journal of aerospace medicine .
  • Singh G & Kaur. S. (1993) Coping strategies during examinations: Indian Journal of aerospace medicine
  • Banerjee, PK., Iyer and Kaur, S, (1993) psycho physiological correlates of task performance: Indian Journal of aerospace medicine.
  • Kaur, S, Dr Ravi Prakash,(2000) “Concept of Intelligence in Yoga Darsana”, Vedic Science, Apr – Jun., 2000, Vol-II, No. 2
  • Kaur, S, Dr Ravi Prakash (2001) “Co ncept of Memory in Yoga Darsana”, Vedic Science, Oct – Dec., 2001, Vol-III, No. 4
  • Kaur, S, Dr Ravi Prakash(2002),Cognition in Yoga Darsana,Vedic Science, Vol-IV, No. 2
  • Kaur, S. (2009). Exploring consciousness modern and ancient perspective. Vedic Science, 11, 38- 40.
  • Kaur, S & Singh, R.K. (2009). Psychological constructs ‘the cognitive style’. Vedic Science, 11, 160-170.

Book Chapters:

  • Banerjee PK & Kaur S Effects of increasing Body heating on Task performance Published in proceedings of national symposium on stress physiology 1989
  • Kaur, S., Awasthy, S., & Ravi, D. (2007). Development of general intelligence test for the recruitment of sailors in the Indian Navy. Psychological Assessment in Personnel Selection,pp 91-98.
  • S. Kaur. CEP on Recognizing Cognition: Reference Materials
  • Conventional Military Psychology and Strategies

Products developed

  • Basic Engineering Test Knowledge test
  • Visiuo Perceptual Ability Test
  • General Intelligence Test
  • Camouflage detection test
  • Camouflage “Soldier Manual”
  • Manual on psychological preparedness for soldiers at high altitude to alivate mood