Introduction: Review of Protocols & Packet Format, Network Systems & the Internet, Network Systems Engineering, Packet Processing, Achieving high speed, Network Speed, Hardware, Software & hybrids.

A conventional computer system, Fetch-Store paradigm, Network Interface Card functionality, Onboard address recognition, Packet Buffering, Promiscuous mode.

Protocols: IP Datagram, Fragmentation, Reassembly, Forwarding, TCP Splicing.

Network Processors: RISC vs CISC, Network Processors, Ingress & Egress Processing, Parallel & Distributed Architecture, Network Processor Design, Examples of Commercial Network Processors, Overview of Intel Network Processor, Micro engine Progamming, Core Programming.

Laboratory Work

Lab Component Build packet analyzer, IP fragmenter, Ethernet bridge, packet forwarding. A project should be assigned to students to build software component using IXP 2400.


Recommended Books

  1. Network Systems Design using Network Processor, Douglas Comer, Pearson Education, ISBN 81-7808-994 (2004).
  2. IXP 1200 Programming, Erik J. Johnson and Aaron Kunze, Intel Press (2002).