Concepts and Overview: Concepts of software quality, quality attributes, software quality control and software quality assurance, evolution of SQA, major SQA activities, major SQA issues, zero defect software.


Software Quality Assurance: The philosophy of assurance, the meaning of quality, the relationship of assurance to the software life cycle, SQA techniques. Tailoring the Software Quality Assurance Program: Management review process, technical review process, walkthrough, software inspection process, configuration audits, document verification.


Evaluation: Software requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, coding and unit test, integration and testing, system testing, types of evaluations.


Error Reporting: Identification of defect, analysis of defect, correction of defect, implementation of correction, regression testing; Categorization of defect, relationship of development phases.


Trend Analysis: Error quantity, error frequency, program unit complexity, compilation frequency.


Corrective action as to Cause: Identifying the requirement for corrective action, determining the action to be taken, implementing the corrective action, documenting the corrective action, periodic review of actions taken.


CASE tools and their effect on Software Quality, Software Quality Metrics, Standards, certification and assessment, Quality management standards, Quality standards with emphasis on ISO approach, Capability Maturity Models-CMM and CMMI, TQM Models, Bootstrap methodology, The SPICE project, ISO/IEC 15504, Six Sigma Concept for Software Quality.



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