Basics of measurement: Measurement in everyday life, measurement in software engineering, scope of software metrics, representational theory of measurement, measurement and models, measurement scales, meaningfulness in measurement, goal-based framework for software measurement, classifying software measures, determining what to measure, software measurement validation, empirical investigation, types of investigation, planning and conducting investigations.

Software: Metrics data collection and analysis: What is good data, how to define the data, how to collect the data, how to store and extract data, analyzing software-measurement data, frequency distributions, various statistical techniques.

Measuring internal product attributes: Measuring size, aspects of software size, length, functionality and complexity, measuring structure, types of structural measures, control-flow structure, modularity and information flow attributes, data structures.

Measuring external product attributes: Modeling software quality, measuring aspects of software quality, software reliability, basics of software reliability, software reliability problem, parametric reliability growth models, predictive accuracy, recalibration of software-reliability growth predictions, importance of operational environment, wider aspects of software reliability.

Metrics for object-oriented systems: The intent of object-oriented metrics, distinguishing characteristics of object-oriented metrics, various object-oriented metric suites LK suite, CK suite and MOOD metrics.


Dynamic Metrics: Runtime Software Metrics, Extent of Class Usage, Dynamic Coupling, Dynamic Cohesion, and Data Structure Metrics.

Metrics for component-based systems: The intent of component-based metrics, distinguishing characteristics of component-based metrics, various component-based metrics.


Resource measurement: Measuring productivity, teams, tools, and methods.


Recommended Books

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  2. Applied Software Measurement by Capers Jones, McGraw Hill (2008).
  3. Object-Oriented Software Metrics by Mark Lorenz, Jeff Kidd, Prentice Hall (1994).
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