Formal Methods: Basic concepts, mathematical preliminaries, Applying mathematical notations for formal specification, formal specification languages, using Z to represent an example software component, the ten commandments of formal methods, formal methods- the road ahead.

Cleanroom Software Engineering:   The cleanroom approach, functional specification, cleanroom design, cleanroom testing.

Component-Based Software Engineering: Engineering of component-based systems, the CBSE process, domain engineering, component-based development, classifying and retrieving components, and economics of CBSE.

Client/Server Software Engineering: The structure of client/server systems, software engineering for c/s systems, analysis modeling issues, design for c/s systems, testing issues.

Web Engineering: The attributes of web-based applications, the WebE process, a framework for WebE, formulating/analyzing web-based systems, design for web-based applications, testing web-based applications, management issues.

Reengineering: Business process reengineering, software reengineering, reverse reengineering, restructuring, forward reengineering, the economics of reengineering.

Computer-Aided Software Engineering: Introduction, building blocks for CASE, taxonomy of CASE tools, integrated CASE environments, integration architecture, CASE repository, case Study of tools lie TCS Robot.

Certification: Introduction to Certification Courses like IEEE-CSDP.

Laboratory Work: Project development using various advanced software engineering practices and standards.


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