Introduction: Software Reuse and Software Engineering, Concepts and Terms, Software Reuse products, Software Reuse processes, Software Reuse paradigms.

State of the Art and the Practice: Software Reuse Management, Software Reuse Techniques, Aspects of Software Reuse: Organizational Aspects, Technical Aspects and Economic Aspects.

Organizational Aspects: Software Reuse organizations, support services, Institutionalizing Reuse.


Domain Engineering: Building reusable assets, Domain Analysis: Domain scoping, Domain versus Application requirements, Anatomy of a domain component, Domain Analysis methods and tools.


Programming Paradigm and Reusability: Usability Attributes, Representation and Modeling Paradigms, Abstraction and Composition in development paradigm.

Object-Oriented Domain Engineering: Abstraction and Parameterization Techniques in Object Orientation, Composition Techniques in Object Orientation.

Application Engineering: Component Storage and Retrieval, Reusable Asset Integration.
Software Reuse Technologies: Component Based Software Engineering, COTS based development, Software Reuse Metrics, Tools for Reusability, Software Reuse Cost Estimation, Software Reuse Return on Investment.


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