Introduction: RTS, Characteristics of RTS, RTOS, Types of RTOS, Characteristics of RTOS, Processors and micro controllers of RTS, Skill set required for various types of RTS.


S/W Engg Involved: SDLC for RTS, Process models for RTS-SPIRAL, incremental Xtreame,  prototyping, RAD, Risk & Failure Analysis.


Requirement Analysis:  RT requirement eliciation and analysis using structured and object-oriented approach, Applications of formal methods for requirement specification.


Architecture & Design: Architecture properties, RT Architecture, design temporal & non temporal,. Techniques, scheduling- (Tasks, T&S, RM scheduling).


Testing of RTS:  verification& validation, test strategy, RTS test techniques.


Languages& Tools:  Introduction to languages used for development of RTS, Introduction to Tools.



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