Software Reliability: Basic Ideas of Software Reliability, Overview of Trustworthy Software, Case Study: Challenger, Software Reliability and Safety, Software Reliability and Safety Engineering, Software Forensics, Definition of Necessary and Required Trustworthiness of a System, Casual Model of Accidents, Value of vailability/Reliability, Necessary Reliability, Specifying the Necessary Reliability, Safety Standards, Ethics.


Operational Profiling and Reliability Allocation: Operational Profiles, Reliability Allocation, System, Hardware, Software, Single Version Design Techniques, Fault Avoidance, Coupling and Cohesion, Safe Languages, Reliable Architecture Patterns, Resilient Component Selections, Fault Anticipation, Failure Management Strategy, Software Fault Tolerance, Recovery and Rejuvenation, Multiple Version Design Techniques, Recovery Techniques.


Fault Tolerant Middleware and Operating Systems: Fault Insertion Testing, Prediction of Defects, Prediction vs. Estimation, Model Overview, Predicting Defect Densities, Predicting Reliability from Defects and Test Data, Predicting Failures from Defects, Estimating Failure Models, Tools, Reliability Assessment, New Research in Reliability Assessment, Security, Malware,Types of Malware and Inoculations. Time Independent Software Reliability Models, Software availability models.


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