Component Definition: Definition of Software Component and its Elements. Component Models and Component Services: Concepts and Principles, COTS Myths and Other Lessons Learned in Component-Based Software Development, Roles for Component-Based Development, Common High Risk Mistakes in Component-Based Software Engineering, CBSE Success Factors: Integrating Architecture, Process, and Organization.


Software Engineering Practices: The Practice of Software Engineering, From Subroutines to Subsystems: Component-Based Software Development.


The Design Of Software Component Infrastructures: Software Components and the UML, Component Infrastructures: Placing Software Components in Context, Business Components, Components and Connectors: Catalysis Techniques for Defining Component Infrastructures, An Open Process for Component-Based Development, Designing Models of Modularity and Integration.


The Management Of Component-Based Software Systems: Measurement and Metrics for Software Components, The Practical Reuse of Software Components, Selecting the Right COTS Software: Why Requirements are Important, Software Component Project Management Processes, The Trouble with Testing Software Components, configuration Management and Component Libraries, The Evolution, Maintenance and Management of Component-Based Systems.


Component Technologies: Overview of the CORBA Component Model, Transactional COM+: Designing Scalable Applications, The Enterprise JavaBeans Component Model, Choosing Between COM+, EJB, and CCM, Software Agents as Next Generation Software Components.


Legal And Regulatory: CBSE as a Unique Engineering Discipline, The Future of Software Components: Standards and Certification, Commercial Law Applicable to Component-Based Software, The Effects of UCITA on Software Component Development and Marketing, Future of CBSE.



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