Arora, Ridhi Dr.


Assistant Professor


Organizational Change and Development, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management

  • Education
  • PhD -Human Resource Management/ Organizational Behavior (2015):
  • Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee (IIT- Roorkee)
  • Dissertation : Personality Factors and Mentoring Relationships as Determinants of Career Commitment.
  • Master of Philosophy in Management (2011):
  • Lovely Professional University, India
  • Dissertation : Impact of Personality Factors on Employee Engagement in IT Sector- A Study in NCR Delhi.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2010) (equivalent to two years MBA):
  • Personnel Management and Human Resource Development (PM-HRD).
  • Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development (BIMHRD), Pune.
  • Master of Labor Laws and Labor Welfare (2010):
  • University of Pune, India.
  • Bachelor of Science- Biotechnology, (2008) ):
  • Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (India).
  • Teaching Interests:
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance and Compensation Management
  • Research Interest:
  • Industrial-occupational psychology
  • Personality
  • Mentoring
  • Careers and Employee Engagement
  • Achievements, Awards And Recognition:
  • Secured Gold-Medal during Graduation for being the ‘outstanding student of the year’.
  • Awarded Academic Honor for securing first position in Master of Philosophy Programme in Management.
  • Recipient of MHRD Fellowship for research and teaching assistantship at IIT-Roorkee.
  • Recipient of UGC-NET (National Eligibility Test for Lectureship) (June’2012).
  • Among 0.1% top candidates across India for securing merit in Science (CBSE.)
  • Work Experience:
  • Worked as an Assistant Professor- HRM/OB, School of Business Administration, Lovely Professional University (July 18, 2011-Dec 22, 2012).
  • Journal Publications:
  • Arora, R. & Rangnekar, S. (Forthcoming, 2016). The Interactive Effects of Conscientiousness and Agreeableness on Career Commitment. Journal of Employment Counseling, xxxxx (Wiley) (Thomson Reuters impact factor 0.375) (Ranked as category A journal as per ratings given by Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) journal rankings).
  • Arora, R. & Rangnekar, S. (2015). Towards Understanding the Two Way Interaction Effects of Extraversion and Openness to Experience on Career Commitment. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance. xxxxx (Springer) (Thomson Reuters impact factor 0.654).
  • Arora, R. & Rangnekar, S. (2015). The Joint Effects of Personality and Supervisory Career Mentoring on Occupational Commitment. Career Development International. 20(1, 63-80.(Emerald) (Thomson Reuters impact factor 1.29) (Ranked as category B journal as per ratings given by Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) journal rankings).
  • Arora. R. & Rangnekar, S. (Forthcoming, 2016). Perceived Mentoring Relationships and Career Outcomes: Results from the Indian Power Sector. Global Business Review. (Sage) (Scopus).
  • Arora. R. & Rangnekar, S. (2015). Relationships between Emotional Stability, Psychosocial Mentoring Support and Career Resilience. Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 11(1), 16-33. (PsychOpen) (Scopus)(February 2015).
  • Arora, R. & Rangnekar, S. (2016). Moderating Mentoring Relationships and Career Resilience Relationship- Role of Conscientiousness Personality Disposition. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, 31 (1), 19-36 (Scopus) (Taylor and Francis).
  • Arora. R. & Rangnekar, S. (2014). Workplace Mentoring and Career Resilience-An Empirical Test. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 17(3), 205-220. doi:10.1037/mgr0000021..
  • Arora, R. & Adhikari, B. (2011). A Study on Personality as Predictor of Dedication Component of Work Engagement. International Journal of Development and Social Research,XIMB Bhubaneswar. li>
  • Adhikari, B., & Arora, R. (2011). Dispositional Factors as Determinant of Employee Engagement in IT Sector: A Study in NCR Delhi, Review of Human Resource Management, Management Development Research Foundation, India.
  • Message to Students & Community:
  • “Believe in your efforts and God will believe in your dreams.”