Dr. Anuj Kumar


Visiting Assistant Professor


Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology and Ecology



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Anuj Kumar is an Assistant Professor (Visiting) in the School of Mathematics, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. He joined the institute in June, 2017. His broad area of research is Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology, Applications of Ordinary Differential Equation in Epidemiology and Applications of Optimal Control Theory in Biology.

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  1. Life member (2014) - Indian Academy for Mathematical Modelling and Simulation (IAMMS), India.
  2. Member (2014) - Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB), USA.

Publications and other Research Outputs

SCI 03, Non-SCI 02

List of Publications:

  1. Anuj Kumar, Prashant K Srivastava, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, Modeling the Role of Information and Limited Optimal Treatment on Disease Prevalence. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 414 (2017), pp. 103-119. (SCI, Impact Factor: 2.113)
  2. Anuj Kumar, Prashant K Srivastava, Vaccination and Treatment as Control Interventions in an Infectious Disease Model with Their Cost Optimization. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Vol. 44 (2017), pp. 334-343. (SCIE, Impact Factor: 2.784)
  3. Anuj Kumar, Anuradha Yadav, Prashant K Srivastava, Control of Infectious Diseases through Vaccination and Treatment. International Journal of Biomathematics and Systems Biology, Vol. 2 (2016) No 2, pp. 1-17.
  4. Anuradha Yadav, Prashant K Srivastava, Anuj Kumar, Mathematical Model for Smoking: Effect of Determination and Education, International Journal of Biomathematics, Vol. 8 (2015) No. 1, pp. 1550001-1 (pages 14). (SCIE, Impact Factor: 1.05)
  5. Anuj Kumar, Note on “Optimal control of vaccination and treatment for an SIR epidemiological model-Vol. 8(2012) No. 3, pp. 194-204”, World Journal of Modelling and Simulation, Vol. 10 (2014) No. 2, pp. 148-151.
  6. Anuj Kumar, Prashant K Srivastava, Global Stability and Impact of Information on Infectious Disease Model with Optimal Treatment, International Conference on Mathematical Sciences-2014 (ICMS2014), pp. 735-738. (ISBN-9789351072614, Elsevier)
  7. Anuj Kumar, Prashant K Srivastava, Anuradha Yadav, Study of Global Stability and Optimal Treatment Strategy for an Infectious Disease Model, Mathematical Biology and Biological Physics, pp. 269-287, 2017. (https://doi.org/10.1142/9789813227880_0016, World Scientific)

Awards and Honours

  • Best Poster Presentation award in the area of Mathematics in 5 th Research Scholars’ Day 2016 of the Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India, 2016.
  • International Travel Support from SERB, DST, India to attend the 7 th Workshop Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences from 02.02.2016 to 05.02.2016 at University of Evora, Portugal.
  • IMS Prize for Best Paper in the area of Bio-mathematics awarded by Indian Mathematical Society in its 80th Annual Conference at ISM Dhanbad, India, 2014.

Description of Research Interests

Anuj Kumar’s research interest mainly includes the modeling and analysis of the dynamics of infectious diseases with the help of stability and bifurcation analysis. He is also interested to control the spread of infectious diseases via using suitable combinations of available control interventions.