Dr. Ash Narayan Sah


Assistant Professor


Economics, Econometrics and Finance



Designation and subject taught only

Assistant Professor, Engineering Economics, Maths for Economics, and Econometrics.

Qualifications- BA Economics Utkal University, MA Economics University of Hyderabad, MPhil Economics University of Hyderabad, PhD Economics University of Hyderabad.

Publications and other Research Outputs


  • Sheena Chhabra, Ravi Kiran, A.N. Sah, (2017) "Information asymmetry leads to underpricing: validation through SEM for Indian IPOs", Program, Vol. 51 Issue: 2, pp.116-131.
  • Urvashi T, Kiran, R & A.N. Sah (2015) “Customer satisfaction using website functionality, perceived usability and perceived usefulness towards online shopping: an emerging economy case”, Information Development, 32(5): pp.1657-1673.
  • Urvashi T, Kiran, R & A.N. Sah (2016) “Understanding online shopping adoption in India: unified theory of acceptance and use of technology 2 (UTAUT2) with perceived risk application”, Service Science, 8(4): 420-437.
  • Joshi, A., Kiran, R & A.N. Sah (2017) “An Expreimental analysis to monitor and manage stress among Engineering Students Using Galvanic Skin Response Meter” Work Vol.56, No.3, pp-409-420, IOS Press.
  • Joshi, A., Kiran, R & A.N. Sah (2016) “Stress management through regulation of blood pressure among college students” (Joshi.A., Kiran, R.& Singla,H.), Work, Vol.54, No.3, pp-745-752, IOS Press.


  • Sah,A.N.(2011)“Behaviour of Stock Return Volatility in India: A Study in the Context of the US Sub-Prime Crisis, Decision, Vol.38, Issue 3, pp. 26-38, IIM, Calcutta.
  • Sah, A.N. & K.K. Pandey (2011)“Hedging Effectiveness of Index Futures Contract: The Case of S&P CNX Nifty”, Global Journal of Finance and Management, Vol. 3, No.1, 2011.
  • Sah, A.N. & G. Omkarnath (2005) “Lead-lag and Long-Term Relationship between S&P CNX Nifty and Nifty Futures” , April 2005, The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance.
  • Sah, A.N. (2007)“Index Futures Trading, Information and Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from the Indian Derivatives Market.” Gitam Journal of Management, Vol.5, No.4.

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Description of Research Interests:

My research area is financial markets and Macroeconomics