Dr. Bholu Ram Yadav



Assistant Professor


Environmental Engineering




Dr. Bholu Ram Yadav is an Assistant Professor at School of Energy and Environment, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, India. He received his Masters of Technology (M. Tech.) and PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering, CESE, IIT Bombay. He worked in Siemens Information Systems Ltd. Bangalore, India and Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. Hyderabad, India for one year after completing M.Tech in 2010. He is currently working in the area of water and wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

Research Tags/ Areas:

Water and Wastewater treatment; Municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management.


Research Projects: NA

Membership of Professional Societies:

Associate Member of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’

Research Publications:

  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2018). Hetero-catalytic hydrothermal oxidation of simulated pulping effluent: Effect of operating parameters and catalyst stability. Chemosphere, 191:128-135.
  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2017). Performance assessment of activated carbon supported catalyst during catalytic wet oxidation of simulated pulping effluents generated from wood and bagasse based pulp and paper mills. RSC Advances, 7, 9754-9763.
  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2016). Catalytic oxidation of pulping effluent by activated carbon supported heterogeneous catalysts. Environmental Technology 17 (8), 1018-1025
  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2016). Catalytic hydrothermal treatment of pulping effluent using a mixture of Cu and Mn metals supported on activated carbon as catalyst. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23:20081–20086.
  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2014). Catalytic wet oxidation of ferulic acid (a lignin model compound) in the presence of non-noble metal based catalysts at mild conditions. Chemical Engineering Journal 252, 185–193.
  • Yadav, B. R. and Garg, A. (2012). Efficacy of fresh and used supported copper-based catalysts for ferulic acid degradation by wet air oxidation process. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51, 15778 – 15785.

Books/ Book Chapters: NA

Description of Research Interest

  • Application of advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment
  • Development of low cost adsorbents for wastewater treatment
  • Municipal and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Environmental Impact Assessment