Dr. Rana Pratap Yadav



Assistant Professor


Radar, Microwave Remote Sensing, RF energy harvesting, antenna and Microwave Engineering



Research Interest

RF and Microwave Engineering: High power RF, microwave device and circuits

Academic Background 
Ph.D.  in High Power RF/Microwave Engineering     Date of Completion Oct. 2014 
Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai, India 
Under Supervision of Dr. S. V. Kulkarni 
Field of Study: RF/Microwave Engineering 
Masters (M.Tech.) in Electrical Drives                       2007-2009  
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (NIT), Bhopal      
Bachelor (B.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering             2003-04 
Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India      
    Prince of wales foundation fellowship, U.K     March-2018 to March-2019 
    John Oldacre Foundation Fellowship, U.K.     August-2017 to Feb.-2018 
    Department Atomic Energy (DAE), Prestigious DGFS Fellowship     March-2011to June-2014 
    MHRD fellowship during M. Tech. course     July-2007to July-2009 

Professional Experience:  
Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Electronics and     08-August-2017 to 31-December-2018 Communication Engineering,  
University of Oxford, IEB, OX1 3PJ,  UK 
Assistant Professor at Electronics and Communication Engineering,     30-June-2014 to till date Department, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, 
Patiala, India-147004 
Electrical Assistant Engineer, Power Grid Corporation of India     02-March-2009 to 01-March-2011 Limited (PGCIL), Alankar Palace, Boaring Road,  Patna, India 
 Ongoing/Completed Research Project 
[1] Project Title: Design and development of Harmonics RADAR system for tracking of pollinators  
Brief of project: This project is about development of the harmonics radar System for tracking of pollinators which is subject interest of Microwave Engineering.  The harmonic radar system is a multi-static radar system with a mobile receiver flown with UAV for tracking of target. A stationary radar transmitter provides power to the tags which is attached with insects for tracking. The tags are highly miniaturized meta-material resonant antennas along with frequency double circuit that receive and respond at fundamental and harmonics frequency.  We have produced the smallest, lightest harmonic radar tags on record (2.8 x 2.8 x 0.7mm); designed and built a light, ultra-sensitive receiver to mount on the UAV; and produced a filtering system for a commercial 3.0kW radar transmitter to eliminate the undesirable harmonics. 
               Key Role: Post-doctoral Researcher 
August 2017-Dec2018 
Sponsoring Agency: Prince of Wales Foundation, U.K. and John Oldacre  
[2]    Project Title: “Design and development of the mock-up ICRH system of Tokamak with variable load” Brief of project: This project is about development of high power RF matching network for tokamak application. It proposed to achieve the speed in order of few ms, where development of the high power components like Couplers, Phase and Amplitude comparator, Magnitude Detector, De-coupler, Stub tuner, Line Stretcher, variable load, high power antennae etc. as used in real ICRH system. 
Key Role: Principle Investigator 
Time duration March-2016 to March 2020 
Sponsoring Agency: Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences(BRNS), India   
[3]    Project Title: “Development of the Reconfigurable Plasma Antenna” 
Brief of project: This about development of Reconfigurable plasma antenna. Project is aimed to design plasma based reconfigurable stealth antenna which can be tuned at any frequency with in the 1-3GHz by changing the plasma properties. The basic experimental setup includes the 1kW RF source, matching network, vacuum and gas supply system, antenna column and plasma diagnostic. 
Key Role: Principle Investigator Status: Completed 
[4]    Thapar and ISRO Student Satellite Project Progarm (THAPSAT): THAPSAT is a program which is being proposed by Thapar University with support of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The objective of this project is to monitor the pollutant in the area of Punjab through satellite hyper spectral Imaging and also provide a wonderful learning experience to the students by working on a multi-disciplinary complex system of space technology and also to setup a research laboratory for testing of the future technologies under academic practice. 
       Key Role: Coordinator 
       Continued from June, 2017 
        Sponsoring Agency: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), Patiala, India 
Engineering/Computational/ Analytical Skills  
Engineering Skills     RF and microwave hardware design and Fabrication, Photolithography and Nano- Fabrication, High Power Component microwave design on passive waveguide devices; use of power dividers, loads, tees, couplers, waveguides to coax adaptors, antenna and more.. 
Scientific software     HFSS, CST, PSIM, KiCad, Eagle, Pspice, MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Fusion 360 (AutoCad) 
Platforms     Linux, Windows 
Journal Publications 

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Conference Publications 

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