Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Ahuja


Associate Professor


Modelling & Simulation, Reaction Engg., and Polymers



Contact No.: 9815844886


Sanjeev Ahuja is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. He has worked with the institute since 2000 and has taught a number of courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemical engineering, namely Process Modeling and Simulation, Process Dynamics and Control, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Material and Energy Balances, and Process Engineering and Plant Design. His research interests include Process Modeling and Simulation, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Polymers. He has published his work in reputed Science Citation Index Journals. Previously, he had worked as a founder faculty member of Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus, Ferozepur and CR State University of Science and Technology, Murthal. He has also been involved in laboratory development and students’ industrial projects works.

Research Projects

Title: Polylactide-polypropylene blends: Preparation, characterization, degradability, and eco-toxicity studies

Period: 10-10-2017 to 09-10-2020

Funded by: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), N. Delhi

Amount: Rs 25 Lakhs

Publications and other Research Outputs

SCI - 11

Non-SCI - 02

Publications (List of papers published in SCI Journals, in year wise descending order).

S. No. Name of Author(s) Title Name of Journal Volume, Issue, Page No. Year Current Impact Factor
1. Sanjeev Ahuja, Raj Kumar Arya Laplace Transform Treatment for Chemical Engineering Systems: Whether to Use 0– or 0+? Chem. Eng. Tech. 41, 4, 875-882 2018 2.051
2. Aman Pathania, Jyoti Sharma, Raj Kumar Arya, Sanjeev Ahuja Effect of crosslinked polymer content on drying of binary polymer—solvent coatings Progress in Organic Coatings 114, 78-89 2018 2.858
3. Daisy Sharma⁠, Jyoti Sharma, Raj Kumar Arya⁠⁠, Sanjeev Ahuja, Shekhar Agnihotri Surfactant enhanced drying of water based poly(vinylalcohol) Coatings Progress in Organic Coatings Accepted 2018 2.858
4. Harleen Kaur, Jyoti Sharma, Divyansh Jindal, Raj Kumar Arya, Sanjeev Ahuja, Shashi Bhushan Arya Crosslinked polymer doped binary coatings for corrosion protection Progress in Organic Coatings Accepted 2018 2.858
5. Jyoti Sharma, Raj Kumar Arya, Sanjeev Ahuja, Chitresh Kumar Bhargava Residual Solvent Study In Polymer – Polymer – Solvent Coatings: Poly(styrene) – Poly(methyl methacrylate) – Tetrahydrofuran Coatings Progress in Organic Coatings 113, 200-206 2018 2.858
6. Aman Pathania, Raj Kumar Arya, and Sanjeev Ahuja Crosslinked Polymeric Coatings: Preparation, Characterization, and Diffusion Studies. Progress in Organic Coatings 105, 149–162. 2017 2.858
7. Sanjeev Ahuja,Raj Kumar Arya Comparison of the Performances of Different Reduced Forms of a Condenser Model Chem. Eng. & Tech. 40, 9, 1630–1637 2017 2.051
8. Sanjeev Ahuja Discontinuity Analysis for the Treatment of Nonlinear Lumped-Parameter Systems for Singular Inputs Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering 49, 5, 612-621 2015 0.547
9. Sanjeev Ahuja and Daljit Singh A Kinetic Model of Alkali Catalyzed Phenol-furfural Novalac Resinification Polymer and Polymer Composites 19, 7, 513-518. 2011 0.256
10. Sanjeev Ahuja Effects of Initial Discontinuities on Nonlinear Systems Represented by Differential Equations with Terms Containing Differentials of the Input Function Chemical Engineering Communications 198, 6, 760-782 2011 1.433
11. Sanjeev Ahuja Second-order Numerator Dynamics Systems: Effects of Initial Discontinuities. Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering 44, 3, 300-308 2010 0.547

Description of Research Interests

Sanjeev’s present research interests include Mathematical modeling of chemical and polymer systems, Consistent initialization and emergent behaviour of dynamic systems, and Diffusion and drying of polymeric coatings.