Dr. Vikram Chopra


Assistant Professor


Control Systems




Dr. Vikram chopra has joined TIET Patiala in June 2009 in the Electrical & Instrumentation Department. He has a keen interest in the modeling and control of nonlinear dynamical systems. His current area of research includes the application of Artificial Neural Networks and Robust control techniques in power system and process control problems.


  • Ph.D from Thapar University Patiala, Punjab
  • M. Tech in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra
  • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from M.D.U Rohtak

Experience: Total Teaching Experience 10 years plus

  • June 2009 to till date: T.I.E.T. Patiala

Teaching Interests:

  • Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligent Techniques and Applications
  • Measurement Science & Techniques
  • Optimal & Robust control
  • Instrumentation system Design

Research Interest:

  • System modeling and control
  • Application of Intelligent controllers in power system problems
  • Adaptive control of nonlinear systems


Journals and Conferences

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Project/ Funding

Project Completed “Modelling and Control of Different Type of Inverted Pendulums in the Presence of Uncertainties” funded by Thapar University vide grant no. TU/DORSP/57/426, 28-03-2017 of amount Rs 300,000.