Dr. Vivek Jain


Associate Professor






Dr. Vivek Jain received his Ph.D. in 2012 from IIT Roorkee, India, M.Tech. in 2009 from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, India with first class. He graduated in 1998 from Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Research and Technology, Nagpur Univ., India with first class. At present, he works as Associate Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. He has vast experience of 14 years of teaching and 02 years of Industrial experience. His research interests include Biomedical, Conventional/Non Conventional Machining, Composites, Surface Engineering and not limited to that. He has published in various international/national journals. He has also filed three Indian patents. He is also handling one research project funded by DST. He has supervised many master theses and four Ph.D. are going-on under his supervision.

Research Projects :02

Title of the Project Name of the Funding Agency Amounts (INR) Status
“Simulation and Analysis of Flow Through Microchannels Fabricated Using Ultrasonic Micro-Machining” Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology under Seed Money Scheme 5,00000/- completed
“Development of microwave processed cavitation erosion resistant cladding” Scientific and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST 17,16,000/- on-going

Publications and other Research Outputs

SCI: 09, Non-SCI: 08, International/National Conferences: 22 Indian Patent : 03 (Filed)

S.No. Author(s) Title of Patent Patent Number/ref. no. International
1. Vivek Jain, Apurbba Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Kumar. One step method for fabrication of microcahnnels using Loose abrasive mechanical etching 1099/DEL/2015 Indian
2. Dheeraj gupta, Satnam Singh, Vivek jain, Rohit Kumar A method for metal ceramic composite casting through microwave energy 2051/DEL/2015 Indian
3. Supreet Singh, Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Jobandeep Singh, Hitesh Goel and Dr.Vivek Jain Energy Efficient Non Electric Lamp with Automatic Fuel Level Maintaining Mechanism 201611017719 Indian

List of Publications in International Journals (SCI/SCIE)

  1. Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2017. Processing of Ni-WC-8Co MMC casting through microwave melting. Mater. Manuf. Process. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10426914.2017.1291954 (Taylor and Francis, IF:1.42)
  2. Singh, S., Singh, R., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2017. Preliminary metallurgical and mechanical investigations of microwave processed hastelloy joints, 139, 1–5. (ASME, IF: 1.087).
  3. Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2016. Novel microwave composite casting process: Theory, feasibility and characterization. Mater. Des. 111, 51–59. (Elsevier, IF: 3.9)
  4. Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2016. Microwave melting and processing of metal-ceramic composite castings. Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. Part B J. Eng. Manuf. (Sage, IF:0.954)
  5. Gurmeet Singh, Vivek Jain, Dheeraj Gupta, Aman Ghai., 2016. Optimization of process parameters for drilled hole quality characteristics during cortical bone drilling using Taguchi method, Journal of the mechanical behaviour of biomedical materials, 62,355-365. (Elsevier, IF: 2.86)
  6. Singh, S., Pathania, A., Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2015 Development and analysis of tribological behavior of microwave processed EWAC + 20% WC10Co2Ni composite cladding on mild steel substrate. J. Manuf. Process. 20(1); 79-87. (Elsevier, IF:1.77)
  7. Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V., 2015. Recent applications of microwaves in materials joining and surface coatings. Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. Part B J. Eng. Manuf. 230; 603-617 (Sage, IF:0.954)
  8. Singh, S., Gupta, D., Jain, V. and Sharma, A.K., 2015. Microwave processing of materials and applications in manufacturing industries: A review. Mater. Manuf. Process. 30(1); 1-29. (Taylor and Francis, IF:1.629)
  9. Gurmeet Singh, Vivek Jain and Dheeraj Gupta, 2015. Comparative study for surface topography of bone drilling using conventional drilling and loose abrasive machining, Proc IMechE Part H: J Engineering in Medicine, Vol. 229(3) 225–231. (SAGE, IF: 0.99)
  10. Gurmeet Singh, Vivek Jain and Dheeraj Gupta, 2017. Multi-objective performance investigation on cortical bone drilling during orthopaedic surgery, Proc IMechE Part h: J. of Engineering In Medicine, (SAGE, IF: 1.329) (Under Review)
  11. Ankit Sharma, Vivek Jain and Dheeraj Gupta, 2017, Comparative Analysis of Chipping on Blind Holes While Using Different Tools during Rotary Ultrasonic Drilling and Conventional Drilling. J. Manuf. Process. (Elsevier, IF:1.77) (Under Review)
  12. Apporve Jain, Vivek Jain and Dheeraj Gupta, 2017, Edge quality enhancement in serpentine microchannels using Rotary Ultrasonic Machining, Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. Part B J. Eng. Manuf. (Sage, IF:0.954) (Under Review)

List of Publications in International Journals (Non-SCI)

  1. Rajendra Baraiya, Vivek Jain, Dheeraj Gupta, 2016. Abrasive Flow Machining: An Area Seeking for Improvement, International Organization of Scientific Research.
  2. Gurmeet Singh, Aman Ghai, Vivek Jain and Dheeraj Gupta, 2016. An investigation on thermal necrosis during bone drilling, International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials, Vol. 18, No. 4, Inderecience.
  3. Manpreet Singh, Ankit Sharma and Vivek Jain 2015 Instantaneous Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption in Gasoline Vehicles: Testing and Empirical Analysis Int. J. Vehicle Structures & Systems, 7(1), 4750 MAFTREE.
  4. Satnam singh, Dheeraj gupta, Vivek jain, Rohit kumar 2015 Joining Of Bulk Cast Iron Through Microwave Energy International Journal for Technological Research in Engineering, Vol. 2(7) IJTRE
  5. Kapil Kumar Goyal, Vivek Jain and Sudha kumari 2014 Optimization of cutting parameters for surface roughness of stainless steel SS304 in abrasive assisted drilling Procedia Materials Science, 6 ( 2014 ) 1572 – 1579 Elsevier.
  6. Vivek Jain, A.K.Sharma, Pradeep Kumar 2012 Investigations on Tool Wear in Micro Ultrasonic machining Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 110-116 (2012), pp 1561-1566. Trans Tech Publications.
  7. Vivek Jain, A.K.Sharma, Pradeep Kumar 2011 Recent Developments and Research Issues in Microultrasonic Machining International Scholarly Research Network (ISRN) Manufacturing Engineering, Volume 2011, pp 15, Article ID 413231 Hindawi Publishing corporation.
  8. Vivek Jain, A.K.Sharma, Pradeep Kumar 2011 Microdrilling of Difficult to Cut Materials for MEMS Applications Using Ultrasonic Micromachining Journal on Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 1 No. 2 February April 2011, pp 2432. imanager Publications.

Doctoral thesis Supervision

S.No. Name of Student Year of Completion Title of Thesis Co-Supervisors (if any)
1. Mr Gurmeet Singh In-progress Investigations of bovine bone drilling using rotary ultrasonic machining Dr Dheeraj Gupta
2. Mr Satnam Singh In-progress Feasibility study and development of metal ceramic composite casting Dr Dheeraj Gupta
3. Mr Arminder singh Walia In-progress Powder Mixed EDM Dr. Vineet Srivatava
4. Mr Ankit Sharma In-progress Enhancement of Hole quality for Pre-tempered Float glass by Rotary Ultrasonic Machining Dr Dheeraj Gupta

Master Thesis Supervision : 17 (Awarded); 03 (on-going)

Awards and Honours

  • Scholarship from Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) India during Ph.D. Programme.
  • IIT Roorkee Heritage Research Paper Presentation Award (2011) with outstanding research work for attending International Conference.
  • Department of Science and Technology Travel grant (2012) for Young Scientist/Research scholar for attending International Conference.

Description of Research Interests


  • Investigations of bovine bone drilling using rotary ultrasonic machining
  • Feasibility study of bone drilling using Friction drilling
  • Experimental investigations to study cutting Temperature and forces during cortical bone drilling, pull out strength

Conventional and Non conventional Machining

  • Investigation of glass chipping using rotary ultrasonic machining
  • Experimental investigations and analysis of electrical discharge machining of hardened EN31 steel using cermet tool tip
  • Experimental investigations on simultaneous Finishing of surfaces with abrasive flow machining
  • Experimental Investigation on surface roughness during Abrasive Assisted Drilling of D2 Steel

Surface engineering

Feasibility study and development of metal ceramic composite casting through microwave root