Dr. Geetika Dua


Assistant Professor (Contractual-II)


Non-destructive, Non-invasive testing using InfraRed Imaging, Bio medical Imaging, Image, Signal and Video Processing.



Contact No.

+91-9417-038-538, +91-7206-810-701


Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Linear Integrated Circuit Applications, Digital Electronics, Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, Electronic Engineering, Control Theory, Field and Waves, Optical Communication and VHDL.

Publications and other Research Outputs


  1. Dua, G. and Mulaveesala, R., Infrared thermography for detection and evaluation of bone density variations by non-stationary thermal wave imaging (2017) Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 3(1), art.no.017006, pp.1-6.
  2. Mulaveesala, R. and Dua, G., Non-invasive and non-ionizing depth resolved infra-red imaging for detection and evaluation of breast cancer: a numerical study (2016) Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2(5), art.no.055004, pp.1-5.


  1. Dua, G., Mulaveesala, R. and Tuli, S., Frequency modulated thermal wave imaging for non-destructive testing and evaluation of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (2017) Journal of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation, 15(9), pp.16-18.

Awards and Honours

  • Received scholarship award for securing Ist position in Kurukshetra University in the year 2004.
  • Received scholarship award for securing Ist position in College in the year 2005.

Description of Research Interests

Pursuing PhD in the area of InfraRed Non-Destructive, Non-Invasive Testing and Evaluation of solid materials. Working on proposing full-field, remote, safe, quanitative imaging techniques for soft tissues cancer detection, based on IR imaging.