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Design and Analysis of Underground Structures


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Saurav Rukhaiyar is a lecturer at the Dept. of Civil Engineering, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology since September 2017. He obtained his B-Tech in Civil Engineering in year 2010 from BIT Sindri Dhanbad, Jharkhand and M. Tech. in Geotechnical Engineering in year 2012 from IIT Roorkee. He continued his research interest in Geotechnical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and pursing his PhD on Topic “Strength behaviour of sandstone under cyclic and polyaxial states of stress. He has extensive experience in experimental testing of soil and rocks. He has a keen interest in rock mechanics, design of underground structures and stability analysis of slopes. His research areas include application of artificial intelligence in developing model for response of rock and rock structures.

Research Tags

  • Rock Mechanics
  • Design of underground structures
  • Artificial Intelligence application in rock engineering problems

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations and Societies

  1. Life member – Indian Geotechnical Society, India (LM-4046)
  2. Life member – Indian Society for rock mechanics and tunnelling technology, India (LM-2067)

Research Publications

International Journals

  1. Rukhaiyar, S. and Samadhiya, N. K. (2017), ‘A polyaxial strength model for intact sandstone based on Artificial Neural Network’ International Journal of Rock mechanics and Mining sciences, Vol. 95, pp. 26-47; (Elsevier).
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  4. Rukhaiyar, S. and Samadhiya, N. K. (2017), ‘Triaxial behaviour of rockmass satisfying Modified Mohr-Coulomb and Generalized Hoek-Brown criterion’ International Journal of mining science and technology. (Elsevier, accepted for Publication)
  5. Rukhaiyar, S. and Samadhiya, N. K. (2017), ‘Strength behavior of plain cement concrete subjected to true-triaxial Compression.’ Canadian Journal of civil engineering. (NRC press, Major Revision Completed)

National Journals

  1. Rukhaiyar, S. and Samadhiya, N. K. (2017), ‘Strength behavior of rocks under cyclic loading’ Indian Geotechnical Journal. In Press, pp. 1-11; DOI: (Springer)
  2. Sajwan, G, Rukhaiyar, S. and Singh, M. (2016), ‘Polyaxial compressive strength of concrete cubes representing Rock’ Journal of Rock mechanics and tunnelling technology, India Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 81-98.
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  4. Vyas, M, Rukhaiyar, S. and Mittal, S. (2014), ‘Behavior of Slope under Dynamic Condition – An Experimental Study’ International Journal of Civil Engineering Research, India Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 121-128.


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Workshops Attended

  1. One Day Indo-Korean workshop on Geotechnology for urban development (IK-GUD) at IIT Delhi 2012
  2. One Day workshop on ‘Rock Engineering’ by Dr. Nick R Barton at JUIT- Solan 2013
  3. Two Day National Workshop on Rock Engineering for Hilly Regions (REHR-2015) at IIT Roorkee 2015

Awards and Honours

  1. Best Paper Awards for the paper tittled ‘Stability Analysis of a slope section using Neural Network’ from Indian Society of Rock Mechanics and Tunneling Technology (ISRMTT). (Certificate and Cash Prize of Rs. 5000)
  2. Third Position for IDEAZ, a Technical Paper Presentation Competition at Cognizance 2011, IIT Roorkee. (Certificate and Cash Prize of Rs. 3000)
  3. First Prize for National Level Static Model competition at SANDHAN -2007, BIT Sindri. (Certificate and Cash Prize of Rs. 2000)

Description of Research Interests

Saurav Rukhaiyar's research interests are in design and analysis of underground structures, stability analysis of rock slopes, Behaviour study of rock under polyaxial states of stress, Application of artificial intelligence technique for modelling rock mechanics problems. He also has a research interest in behaviour study of concrete under multiaxial loading, Plasticity modelling of concrete and behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete.